In light of the current pandemic, more and more visitors are looking for experiences that can be enjoyed in a safe and relaxed environment. According to the findings from a recent TripAdvisor survey, consumers are 218 percent more likely to want to take a trip where they can relax and be around fewer people compared to before the pandemic. Travellers will feel comfortable and safe in Jamaica, which offers getaways in settings designed for physical distancing and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round in the warm Caribbean sun. Below are several of Jamaica’s most breathtaking natural gems and attractions located across the island.

Treasure Beach

Nestled on Jamaica’s South Coast is Treasure Beach, a six-mile stretch of coral-coloured and sometimes black sands with private coves and rocky shores.  Treasure Beach’s main bays – Billy’s, Calabash, Great, Fort Charles (also known as Starve Gut), and Frenchman’s – are ideal for those seeking unspoiled beaches. With an abundance of beachfront cafes, visitors will fall in love and easily see the treasures at Treasure Beach.

Ahhh Ras Natango Garden & Gallery

Located above the hills overlooking Montego Bay is Ahhh Ras Natango, a tropical retreat that includes an art gallery and botanical garden. The garden is home to more than 50 species of ferns, unique plants and beautiful trees in themed sections. Carved in the hillside, visitors can tour the garden and learn about the various plants while listening to the birds. After experiencing the tranquil gardens, visitors end the tour at the gallery, where there are treasures for everyone to discover. The gallery features works by local artisans as well as resident artists – Ras Natango, Tamika and Ayale.

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls & Park in Ocho Rios, St Ann is a complex system of waterfalls and springs and is considered to be one of Jamaica’s national treasures. Described as a living and growing phenomenon, it continuously regenerates itself from deposits of travertine rock, the result of precipitation of calcium carbonate from the river, as it flows over the falls. Visitors can climb the falls led by experienced guides, pausing to feel the soothing effects of the water. Guests can also simply lay on the beach or explore the lush foliage at the park. For the adventurous, Falls Flyer offers a series of seven zip-lines and four hanging bridges over the waterfall. 

Rafting on the Martha Brae

A quintessential Jamaican experience, rafting on the Martha Brae is a must do for any visitor wishing to see the inner island and some of the unique flora and fauna. With a fleet of bamboo rafts, guided by local river captains, guests glide down the lazy river through the jungle. Departing from “Rafter’s Village,” the tour includes a visit to Miss Martha’s Herb Garden where guests can learn about Jamaica’s herbs, renowned for their medicinal and healing properties.

Green Grotto Caves

A journey into underworld charm, Green Grotto Caves are surrounded by thick vegetation and supplied with pristine waters flowing from its secret depths. Visitors to this natural attraction can explore the large labyrinthine limestone cave with its unique rock formations, its stalactites, stalagmites and abundance of overhead ceiling pockets. The tour takes guests into the depths of the 1,525m long and 12m deep grotto for a fascinating underworld experience.

These select attractions, are compliant with Jamaica’s strict health protocols implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors as well as residents.

Exploring nature and the outdoors can be beneficial especially during this era of physical distancing and Jamaica offers a respite that can serve as an oasis of possibilities. To learn more, go to


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