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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

There are approximately 500 million people across the globe who are Spanish native speakers. That makes the language of Cervantes the second-most spoken native language after Chinese. Additionally, Spanish is the fourth-most spoken language in the world, along with Hindi, Chinese and English. Therefore, Spanish is a global language and being Spanish fluent is a highly valued skill that will for sure stand out among postulants to any job opening.

Even though there are many options for people interested in learning Spanish, spending time abroad in a region where most people are native of the language is for sure the most effective way of learning.

That is exactly the case of Spanish language trips to Buenos Aires. Many people are choosing Expanish, a Spanish school in Buenos Aires, to combine learning with having an unforgettable experience abroad.

In this article, we will tell you about Argentina’s capital city and what are the available programs for those who are willing to study Spanish in Buenos Aires.

The Paris of South America

Buenos Aires, also known as the city that never sleeps, is the capital city of Argentina and its largest and most populated region.

Their inhabitants are known as porteños due to their connection with the Port of Buenos Aires, a city where European immigration played a significant role in building the local cultural identity.

Three million people are estimated to live inside Buenos Aires City jurisdictional limits; meanwhile, in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area’s (AMBA) population is estimated at 17 million. This figure makes AMBA the second biggest Hispano-American urban region and one of the 20 biggest towns in the world.

Buenos Aires is a vital economic, political and cultural centre and is also an important touristic destination due to its vibrant atmosphere, many attractions and friendly residents.

Even though Spanish is the official language of porteños, most of them can express themselves in English and are very open to speaking it in order to provide directions or have a chat with travellers. This is very helpful, especially during the beginning of the stay when it takes some time to adjust to everyday life.

So, if you are willing to take Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires and are worried about not understanding a single word of the language, you should know that getting by with English is quite easy in Buenos Aires because most locals are very friendly and keen to help.

Another benefit of Buenos Aires is that their currency, the peso, is significantly low when compared with dollars, euros or pounds. For that reason, Buenos Aires is a very affordable city for Americans and Europeans, making it easy to spend a long time living there.

Spanish courses in Buenos Aires

Immersive language learning is the most effective method to develop a new language skill or improve it in a short period of time. Being surrounded by the culture in which the language we want to acquire is spoken daily creates the perfect environment to learn. Not only because we will constantly be listening to it, but also because we are somehow forced to interact through it.

That’s the main reason why many people are opting for Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, where they can fully grasp the local culture and get a deep understanding of the language in its context of use.

There are many Spanish schools in Buenos Aires. Most of them are completely prepared for foreign students who are seeking to learn the language, together with having a great experience living abroad.

Each school offers different programs, most of which are designed to meet each student expectations and needs. On the one hand, there are intensive Spanish courses that can be private, in a group, or both. This type, of course, is the best option for people who want to get the most of a short period of time. In the other hand, there is a study abroad programs that can last from 3 to 12 month and offer a different gradual learning experience. Either course is set to be interactive and filled with interesting activities focused on developing reading, listening, writing and speaking skills at each student time.

Moreover, there are Spanish schools in Buenos Aires that offer exam preparation courses for international accreditation. DELE and SIELE exam students are able to take preparation courses and even sit for the test in Buenos Aires.

A life-lasting experience

Aside from being a very effective way of developing a skill, taking a Spanish course in Buenos Aires is for most the people a life-changing experience.

The sole fact of travelling to a foreign country is an opening mind experience in which we get to understand much more of ourselves by being far away from home and in touch with a different culture.

Spanish schools in Buenos Aires are a great way to get in touch with locals since they not only provide lessons but also organize activities that help interact in Spanish and truly involve local culture. Going through a typical café, visiting museums, learning to dance the tango or even participating in a soccer game are all enjoyable activities that offer an excellent opportunity to improve Spanish skills while having fun.

Also, the Spanish language school Buenos Aires facilitate accommodation with local families as a part of the learning process. By living with locals, we will be able to get an inside look into the culture of Buenos Aires by sharing their food and daily habits.

Another interesting thing is that, by taking a Spanish course in Buenos Aires, we will probably share classes with other students from across the globe, creating amazing friendships that can last forever and inspire future trips.

To conclude, Buenos Aires is a vibrant city in which everything is set to offer students an outstanding experience in learning Spanish. Those who decide to embark on a Spanish language trip to Buenos Aires should know that they will not only meet their learning expectations but also have a lot of fun touring around the city, making new friendships and meeting cool people from across the globe.