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Les Menuires – Why you Should Visit this Amazing Ski Resort this Winter

Photo by Yann Allegre

When the weather is cold, for some people traveling might not seem like the best idea. But there are some people that believe that winter is the most wonderful time of the year for planning a trip somewhere nice, to enjoy the snow and new adventures with people you love the most. There are many destinations that Europe has to offer to travel enthusiasts, but there is one that is making a difference. Les Menuires is a family-friendly ski resort in France that is a brilliant base for exploring the 600 km of pistes, for skiers of all levels.

Les Menuires is an inclusive, efficient, and friendly French ski resort, which is split into two centers. Les Bruyeres and La Croisette, each of which has its unique aura.

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Why? Because reading below you will find the top reasons to visit Les Menuires this winter.

  1. Amazing skiing opportunities

Firstly the most important reason why you should visit Les Menuires is that it has to offer many skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The area is linked to the beautiful Three Valleys ski web, which hosts a huge network of pistes and resorts. There is a good selection of green and blue slopes which are perfect for beginners and families with children. Also, there are many blue, red as well as black runs that are perfect for the most adventurous intermediates and advanced enthusiasts of snowsports. So, Menuires is the perfect destination for every and each skier worldwide.

  1. It’s a family-friendly destination

Moreover, another factor that makes Les Menuires an amazing ski resort is that it is an ideal destination for those who have family, as long as there are plenty of childcare centers that provide in-house and independent services around the area. Also, there are many family-friendly activities, such as sledding courses, a popular play park in La Masse, and a thrilling rail-mounted course against the resort’s mascot Boukty.  Of course, if your kids want to learn how to hit the slopes, there is a ski school in Les Menuires that offers lessons to kids of all ages.

  1. There are amazing bars and restaurants

Last but not least, in Les Menuires, a visitor will be amazed by the big variety of apres ski opportunities that are offered around the resort.  After spending the whole morning and afternoon hitting the slopes, there are good bars, pubs, and amazing restaurants where you can enjoy a cold glass of beer or a delicious meal. Moreover, if you love dancing and partying, there are two clubs at the resort where you can dance like nobody’s watching.