Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and one you will cherish forever. Why not plan the wedding you’ve always imagined in one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda? Observing necessary measures associated with weddings in 2020, these proposed locations allow you to practice social distancing while remaining intimate, romantic and giving yourself a day you will never forget. Antigua alone is home to over 300 beaches, and both islands have incredible weather year-round with spectacular views, perfect for your special day. Antigua and Barbuda are suitable for any budget and taste. It’s time to plan your dream day and a built-in vacation today.

Half Moon Bay

Stroll through the scenic natural areas of Half Moon Bay. The national park provides astonishing panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and one of the prettiest beaches in Antigua. This is where you could get married to someone you love and unite with the breathtaking beauty and power of nature. Exchange vows on this crescent-shaped bay with the vast seascape behind you as a soft tropical breeze kisses your cheek and rustles in the silk of your gown. A truly unique and remarkable way to start the rest of your lives together.

17-Mile Beach

A stunning pink landscape with pale aquamarine seas separates the Barbuda lagoon from the Caribbean Sea with delightful views. Are you looking for paradise as your wedding ‘venue’? Well, this is it. It is one of the most amazing beaches in the Caribbean and while here you’ll experience soft moonlit sand and moonbeams dancing across the water. This most romantic of beaches earned its practical name for one very pragmatic reason: the one thing you can be sure to see – miles and miles of perfect beach – 17 of them! 17-Mile Beach is uninterrupted solitude, so expect to have the place to yourself. Enter this secluded dreamscape and to escape with the one you love.

Barbuda’s Pink Beach

What says ‘romance’ more than pink sand and crystal waters? And what is more romantic than being on the beach with the one you love? Combine the answers to these two questions and you’ll get a beautiful wedding destination. The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are home to numerous legendary pink sand retreats. Barbuda’s Pink Beach is a perfect spot to celebrate your love, sharing a quiet moment as the sun hits the ocean and makes the pink sand dance with the colours of love. This beach is more secluded than others, frequently empty, and perfect for an intimate ceremony for you and your guests. Plan your vows for sunset and share your love surrounded by shimmering shades from coral to softest rose sparkling on the sand.

Great Bird Island

In various cultures birds are considered to be a symbol of peace and luck, which is why in North America doves are traditional during wedding ceremonies. Here on the Great Bird Island, you’ll be surrounded by countless winged peace symbols. The island earns its name from the first sailors who landed there and were struck by the number of birds that greeted them.

This space is filled with the energy of liberation, calm and freedom from the noisy and routine day-to-day living. The tiny islet just north of Antigua is considered a miniature paradise and will give you a truly magical experience on your special day. It’s a sentimental spot for a small intimate wedding, where your first days of marriage would begin.

Indian Town

Indian Town is a national park, with large numbers of rare plants and over 30 different species of birds. This park is a little piece of the island, where mother-nature decided to be as creative as possible, showcasing the full range of its exotic beauty. The limestone formations here provide a dramatic backdrop offering the perfect setting for your special day. If you are looking for something unique and more intimate, then this is it.

The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge, located in Indian Town National Park, may sound dark but it’s actually a spectacular rock formation, associated with many amazing local legends. It is perhaps the most mysterious of the natural attraction on the islands. The natural arch was formed by the endless crashing of ocean waves and is guaranteed to leave an impression on everyone who discovers it. While here, you and your guests will be in awe of the breathtaking view, making it impossible to ignore the incredible power of nature and its elements. Experience the power of love and nature together and say I do here in this island haunt. If you’d like to have a small wedding with a sense of magic and the supernatural, it’s the place to go.

Pearns Point

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The tranquil shores of the seven white-sand beaches along the famous Antiguan western coast make the Pearns Point peninsula a place of outstanding natural beauty. Pearns Point’s stunning landscapes will inevitably contribute to an unforgettable wedding ceremony. It is an isolate hideaway with breathtaking ocean views of the crystal-clear waters that showcase the natural beauty of Antigua. There are various vacation homes to rent in this area; perfect for you and your guests to stay in during your wedding trip. No need to travel and you all get to live by the sea as you prepare for your perfect ceremony. This setting will exceed your wildest wedding dreams.

Jolly Harbour

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Jolly Harbour is a small township on the West coast of the island, a relatively unexplored tourist attraction with exuberant nature and otherworldly scenery. It is the perfect expanse of seaside for a beautiful beachfront wedding and there are resorts here to help ease the stress of wedding planning for you. The area offers up a wide variety of attractions to keep you and your guests entertained both before and after your wedding. Try out restaurants, go golfing, spend a day hiking or at the beach, or go sailing the day after your big day, as it is the perfect place for that. Check out Jolly Harbour as an exclusive location to celebrate this milestone with the one you love.

Hermitage Bay Hotel

If traipsing through the sand in a wedding gown and heels is your style, Hermitage Bay offers a more traditional setting for your special day within the grounds of the resort. Hermitage Bay will undertake only one wedding per week, thereby ensuring that the focus and attention is placed only on one couple. It is all about you! This gives you and your guests a sense of exclusivity and distinction. Let the wedding team take care of all of the arrangements for you. Hermitage Bay is an all-inclusive 5-star luxury resort located on the beach and is the ultimate romantic destination for hosting your intimate wedding.


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