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Looking to Upgrade Your Jewelry Collection? 8 Stunning Pieces You Must See

Photo by Cornelia Ng

For those of us who love jewelry, we’re always on the lookout for pieces that will shine in our collection and spoil us. You want to have a variety of options at your disposal for moments you need them. Hence, if you have the chance to upgrade your collection, do not miss out on it. Need a few new pieces that you would love to have? Here’s a list of some of the best ornament pieces that you should consider to take your jewelry collection to the next level.

8 Jewelry Pieces That Will Level Up Your Everyday Collection

  1. Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are beautiful white gemstones that make for unique ornament pieces in the market. Based on a design, the gems are cut and shaped to fit the requirements, which results in extraordinary jewelry, such as diamond necklaces. Diamond necklaces are best suited for close-knit events, such as family dinners or reunions.

  1. Pearl Bracelets

Pearls are delicate, naturally occurring gems that make for unique and elegant pieces of jewelry. You can have a bracelet that is a complete string or miniature Pearls, or a fine, distributed chain. You can pair these bracelets with other Pearl ornaments, such as earrings or necklaces. Pearl bracelets are best suited for moments such as date nights or a work party where you need a formal appearance.

  1. Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite’s blue color and vibrancy make for some unique jewelry pieces, such as earrings. Tanzanite earrings have a way of adding a sophisticated charm when worn with any outfit. You can pair them with gold chains or Tanzanite bracelets, and let the gemstone stand out. Tanzanite earrings work really well for events such as day-time lunch gatherings or

  1. Sapphire Ring

Sapphire is a diverse gemstone due to its unique range of colors, making it one of the best gemstones for ornamental use. They can be cut in eye-catching shapes and used on a ring, encrusted with gold surroundings. This offers an elegant and sophisticated appearance for the gemstone, and you can wear it conveniently at all times.

  1. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

We all know that diamonds offer a classic and timeless appeal to everyone who wears them. Diamond tennis bracelets are a unique addition that you can consider to your collection. These bracelets work well for occasions such as date nights or birthday celebrations with your loved ones.

Photo by Harper Sunday
  1. Ruby Pendant

The beautiful red shade of a Ruby makes it a beautiful addition to pendant jewelry pieces. When cut for an oval appearance, the gemstone shows off its vibrant color and elegance, making it one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry for any ornament collection. Ruby pendants work well for evening outings such as dinners, parties, and more.

  1. Emerald Necklace

Emeralds are gorgeous deep green gemstones that work well for necklaces that give you a royal aesthetic. The gemstone shines bright and adds a unique touch of vibrancy that works well with different outfits and for every type of occasion.

  1. Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are simple and minimal jewelry, perfect for those who prefer ornaments that do not add too much. These pieces are a classic that can become a staple for every jewelry collection. Pearl earrings are best worn for daytime occasions you may have, but one can wear them casually too on an everyday basis.


When it comes to jewelry, everyone loves a good collection of pieces that will allow them to be spoilt for choice. Having ornaments that will compliment your looks for different and significant events is a must, so why not upgrade your collection with some of the best? Use this list as a guide to some fun jewelry pieces that will level up your collection and give you the opportunity to own ornaments for every moment.