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Los Cabos is Giving Back This Holiday Season

Perhaps foremost among the many reasons to visit Los Cabos this winter season is the destination’s incredible breadth of natural beauty. The Baja Peninsula boasts a truly unique landscape, with cacti-laden deserts and imposing mountain ranges offering a contrast to white sand beaches and thriving underwater reefs. With much of Los Cabos’ tourism offering revolving around the respectful exploration of its eclectic environment, preserving the ecosystem for future generations has become a top priority. In Los Cabos, sustainability has become a cause that has united the government, NGOs, and partners from across the tourism industry. Indeed, with robust preservation programs and 42% of its territory marked as protected areas, Los Cabos just might be one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. 

The destination’s “all hands on deck” approach to sustainability asks everyone to participate in stewarding the environment – including the luxury properties that host the Peninsula’s many visitors. Far from being resistant to sustainability initiatives, each property has embraced its duty to preserve Los Cabos and is leading the charge in its own way. Read on for an overview of how some of Los Cabos’ premiere properties are embracing the seasonal spirit and becoming leaders for meaningful change. 

The Viceroy

Photo Viceroy Hotels and Resorts 

The architectural wonder that is The Viceroy offers cinematic views of the Sea of Cortez and luxury beyond compare in its 198 high-concept guestrooms. As one of the larger properties in Los Cabos, The Viceroy is cognizant of its potential footprint and takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously. The Viceroy’s efforts in water conservation deserve particular attention, as the property operates its own water desalination plant to harness ocean water for resort operations. In concert with novel chlorine reduction systems for the pools and low-flow fixtures for the rooms, The Viceroy stands out as a leader in water management in the destination. 

Property-wide recycling programs and biodegradable product mandates further aid The Viceroy in reducing its environmental impact. The Viceroy is also involved in programs beyond its own opulent borders: property employees regularly participate in scheduled beach clean-ups, and a partnership with Mare Nostrum has led to the hotel embracing local, organic vendors for its food needs. 

Hotel El Ganzo

Photo: Hotel El Ganzo

The eminently trendy Hotel El Ganzo may be known as a hotspot for weddings and wellness, but a commitment sustainability is built into its very DNA. In April of 2022, the hotel’s decade-long focus on environmentally-friendly business practices was acknowledged with the awarding of the coveted B Corp certification; the first given to a hotel in Los Cabos. Certified B Corps meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and must demonstrate a willingness to balance profits and purpose. Highlights of Hotel El Ganzo’s long list of sustainability initiatives include:

  • Solar heating for pools
  • Robust compositing and recycling, including the usage of only reusable water bottles
  • Partnerships with local farms for organic ingredients
  • The usage of nopal-based (a cactus derivative!) laundry detergent, which saves more than 80% of the water and 60% of the electricity consumed by regular washing, respectively

With all that said, perhaps Hotel El Ganzo’s marquee achievement has been the 2015 founding of La Playita, a community center offering art and music classes to the children of Los Cabos. La Playita sits on a formerly vacant lot across from the hotel and also provides both food and additional services (like English lessons) to the youth of the area. 

Guaycura Boutique Hotel

Photo: Guaycura Boutique Hotel

Commonly regarded as one of the finest hotels in Todos Santos, this boutique property in the heart of a historic Mexican village impresses with spacious rooms and authentic regional decor. Of course, their sustainability resume is equally impressive: Guaycura is extremely involved in both community and environmental initiatives. 

Guaycura proudly claims a carbon footprint of zero, owing to the solar panels that have powered the property since 2018. Their water is equally renewable, as they are the financiers of Todos Santos’ water treatment plant. Meals at the on-site El Mirador restaurant are organically grown in the kitchen’s garden. The Guaycura is also heavily involved in saving the sea turtles of Los Cabos, coordinating with and supplying the Grupo Tortuguero de Todos Santos on their mission to protect the beautiful creatures.

Admirably, Guaycura’s commitment to Los Cabos extends beyond its nature and into its community. The property works with a handful of local organizations (including The Padrino Children’s Foundation and Los Cabos Humane Society) on important medical, food, and lodging initiatives. With regards to the arts, Guaycura does its part to promote the culture of Los Cabos with its sponsorship of festivals like the Todos Santos Film Festival and the FAOT Music Festival.