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Love Camping? Here Are Some Activities To Make It More Fun

Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with friends and family. But some activities can make the experience more fun for all ages! From card games to fishing, campfires to stargazing – there are lots of ways to make it even better.

Photo by Pars Sahin

1. Fishing

A lot of people go camping to get away from the busy world, but sometimes it’s also nice to be able to fish without having to drive a long way. The great thing about fishing is that it works for all ages – even small kids who might not be comfortable with lures yet can take their time fishing for minnows and nightcrawlers! There are lots of fishing rods available for kids, and even though there aren’t many fish in the lake by your campsite, it can still be a fun pastime and make the best day out when camping. The only real tip I have here is patience: sometimes you might feel like nothing’s happening after an hour or two (especially if you’re using a relatively small fish hook), but sometimes they’ll hit at the most unexpected times! 

2. Stargazing

Another popular activity is stargazing – after all, you’re out in nature so far away from city lights that you get to see the amazing show of stars above! The nice thing about this activity is that it’s perfect for pretty much any age. You don’t need anything special to look up at the sky and spot planets and shooting stars (although if you want some help, then download one of the many apps available). It’s also an awesome opportunity to teach young children about constellations and other celestial bodies.

Schedule Your Camping When There’s A Meteor Shower

To make it even more special, try scheduling your camping trip around one of the many meteor showers that peak every year! You’ll get the chance to see shooting stars (sometimes up to 100 or more in an hour!) while sitting around the campfire – talk about making memories! Every year in late October, the Earth passes through a cloud of debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle. This is what causes the annual meteor shower known as the Perseid Meteor Shower.   The meteors are named after their point or radiant in the Perseus constellation, where they appear to come from when seen from earth.   What makes this particular shower so beautiful? They’re not just fast and bright – they also leave long trails of glowing particles that last for several seconds! These are called “persistent trains” because you can see them for so long after each meteor has passed. Some people say it looks like someone stepped on a sparkler and set off fireworks all at once! 

3. Board and Card Games

Board games are a great way to pass the time, and it’s perfect for all ages! You can play with just one other person or bring everyone along for some family game night fun. If you don’t want to run back to your card every time you need something, then be sure to bring our favorite camping game – Bananagrams! It’s quick, easy and so much fun! If you’re not into board games, then there are plenty of other options. Everyone loves Uno, so grab your deck before heading out to the campfire! You can also play any number of fun card games you bring. The great thing about playing cards is that they’re small enough to slip right in your pocket or backpack – so take them along on every trip! There’s nothing better than getting cozy by the fire and pulling out a fast-paced game of War just for two people.

4. Campfires

Campfires are another activity that works well with pretty much any age group. Just make sure you keep everything away from the flames (especially fireworks!). If you’re planning on cooking over campfire coals later on, then now is also the best time to learn how not to burn the food

5. Have A Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are another great way to bond with everyone at your campsite. You can make it harder or easier depending on the age of whoever you’re playing with – but regardless, it’ll be fun for the whole family! The most important tip I have is to keep an eye out for ticks! Since stealth is part of the game, they might mistake you for their prey if you’re not careful! And make sure you bring a good flashlight for the dark. If you’re not enough of a scavenger to plan your hunt, then check out some online lists before you head out!

Photo by Tegan Mierle

Camping is an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. The key is to choose activities that work for your group. And remember, if one activity isn’t working out, there are plenty of other things to try – no need to force it!