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Luxe Hotel Offers Complimentary Floating Yoga in the Sky

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AKA University City, Philadelphia’s luxe new skyscraper hotel, offers guests complimentary “yoga on the water” as the sun sets over the Philadelphia skyline in the 72-foot infinity pool.

According to the Harvard Health, yoga has been proven to beat anxiety and depression. Floating therapy is on the rise in the United Stated, with the science to back up benefits including from better sleep, reduced stress, and increased feelings of happiness.

Aqua Vida entails classic yoga and puts it on 10-foot surf boards, taking everything yogis love about the relaxation of yoga, adding an added challenge of instability, with the bliss of floating on the water.

Another great yoga resource is Yogic Relaxation: The Ultimate Guide To Yoga Relaxation Techniques.

Looking for a great article on yoga for beginners?  Check out The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Yoga by Joanna Thomas.

If you’re looking for relaxation, try these Yoga Postures For Relaxation from freedomgenesis.com.


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