Sail the peaceful waters of the Seto Inland Sea in the luxurious Bali 4.0 Catamaran yacht and enjoy the breathtaking seascape of thousands of islands scattered across the serene ocean.

Chartering the luxurious Bali 4.0 Catamaran through the Seto Inland Sea in Japan’s Setouchi region is ultra stylish already, but a new 3 day breathtaking journey just launched which pairs the boat with the area’s most stunning hotels creates the ultimate private escape.

Guests can charter their own route on board with family and friends, island hopping across the contemporary art island of Naoshima, navigating the outdoor museums and immersions into traditional farm life in Teshima, and the culinary paradise of Shodoshima where one can do everything from make their own noodles and soy sauce to capturing the most perfectly balanced photographs of nature’s wonders.

The cruise is paired with land stays at art-infused Benesse House and classic Aegean-styled Hotel Limani and special meals at unique eateries.

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