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Macao Hosts First 2020 In-Destination Consumer Event

Macao launches 6th Annual "Macao Light Festival - Light Carnival," with new safety measures and protocols

Macao,a densely-populated region recently praised for its management of COVID-19, kicks off its holiday season with the “Macao Light Festival – Light Carnival,” the first major consumer event hosted in Macao since the pandemic. Organized by Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), the festival will take place from September 26 – October 31, 2020.

Marking the sixth iteration of the festival, this year’s carnival-themed elements will consist of vibrant outdoor light installations, interactive games, performances, and projection mapping on Macao’s stunning historical buildings. The Macao Light Festival – Light Carnival will promote Macao’s diverse cultures and rich history, and is timed to occur after Macao’s borders reopen to visitors from Mainland China.

Macao’s successful preventive measures against COVID-19, which were recently shared by MGTO in a video, have kept the special administrative region free of COVID-19 cases for over 175 days. From temperature screenings and the provision of hand sanitizers, to U/V sterilizers and social distancing, Macao’s implementation of necessary protocols have allowed residents of Macao to enjoy reopened businesses, including restaurants, resorts and schools, since March 2020 without incurring an increase of cases. 

While currently closed to other international tourists, Macao hopes a successful reopening to Mainland China visitors will pave the way for other destinations. U.S. consumers can get a virtual glimpse of the Macao Light Festival – Light Carnival and receive other destination updates via social media @MacaoUSA or by going to visitmacaochina.com.


In 2015, MGTO launched the first edition of the “Macao Light Festival” which is held annually at various locations in Macao. The event program includes projection mapping, light installations, interactive games, and a series of other activities open to the public. The event aims to draw visitors to different districts of the city for an appreciation of Macao by night and to learn about the local culture and history from innovative angles shaped by light artistry.


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