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Malta: A Diver’s Paradise, Experience It for Yourself

Malta and the surrounding islands are regarded as one of the best places in the world to go diving. The island of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich history dating back five millennia. Most people do not visit the island for its history, but for its pristine water and excellent weather throughout the year. Despite being a small island, Malta has more scuba sites than other places in the Mediterranean.

Scuba Diving in Malta

There are over 100 great dive sites around the island which can complicate the process of choosing one. There are caves and reefs to see as well as wrecks to explore. Dives often start at the beach, known as shore diving, or from a boat, known as boat diving.

Boat dives are preferred when the site is far from the shore meaning that swimming out to it would be a challenging prospect. The good news is that many of the beautiful sites you can see underwater are close to the shore, you just have to know where to start your dive.

If you are looking to explore caves, reefs and wrecks, it is a good idea to get some lessons first. Professionals can teach you everything you need to know before diving in Malta & Gozo so you have the best experience while also remaining safe. There are different classes for divers with different skills, including beginners.

When to Dive in Malta

Malta and the surrounding islands have a favourable climate, with the warm waters of the Mediterranean making it possible to dive throughout the year. However, the best weather and underwater visibility are at their peak in May to late October which is, unsurprisingly, the region’s high season.

This summer season is the best time to see underwater sea creatures. During this time, excursion companies also organise trips to lesser-known spots in Comino and Gozo for those who want to avoid the large number of tourists and divers.

Best Dive Sites in Malta and Gozo

Once you have completed training for both shallow and scuba dives, it is time to explore the different dive sites. As mentioned, there are three types of device sites – wrecks, reefs and caves – each requiring different skill levels and each offering a different experience. Regardless, some of these spots are more popular than others and should not be missed by anyone diving in Malta or the surrounding islands.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is often cited as the best dive site in Malta and is therefore a must-visit for all divers. Dives start at a marine reservoir that resembles an outdoor swimming pool. Divers then descend the hole to reach a large arch that opens to the sea. There, divers can enjoy sights of marine wildlife and gorgeous rock formations.

The Blue Hole has holes of different depths making it suitable for divers of different skill levels and those comfortable diving at varying depths.

The Inland Sea and Tunnel

This dive site is located close to the Blue Hole. This means you can visit the two sites on the same day. The tunnel consists of a wall dive with a 260-metre tunnel. The water above and inside the tunnel creates beautiful shapes and effects depending on how the sunlight hits it. If you are more interested in the cave walls, it is advisable to bring a torch.


Cirkewwa is located to the north of Malta, and it provides divers with two spots to explore. The first is the Roziu Tugboat wreck which lies about 150 metres from the shore. This makes it accessible to divers who prefer shore diving from a reef. The tugboat is big and upright enough for divers to explore the wheelhouse and engine room.

Divers can also explore the Madonna statue. The statue is located on a plateau located 10 metres deep. Divers can also go much deeper to a depth of about 30 metres where they can explore swim-throughs and tunnels.

This dive site is also popular for night-time dives. However, divers are cautioned to not try this unless they have experience exploring such sites at night. If you do have the experience, then a night-time exploration of the site can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Santa Maria Caves of Comino

These caves are best for those who want to set aside a day of exploration. There are numerous swim-throughs and 10 sea caves to explore here. These areas are home to a large variety of marine animals.

These caves are quite shallow which means they are easily illuminated by the sunlight. They are also wide enough to traverse even for divers with little experience.

Malta is a beautiful island to live on, but it is even more attractive for divers. The warm water, its visibility and diverse marine biology all make for interesting dives. Divers can also enjoy different locations with different features and attractions for varied experiences.