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Métis Crossing and Parks Canada Collaborate on New Package

Photograph of a bison at Métis Crossing [Credit: Roam Creative, Destination Canada]

Métis Crossing, in collaboration with Parks Canada, is proud to unveil “Beavers, Bison, and People: Our Promise to Wahkotowin (meaning ‘all my relations’),” a groundbreaking package that delves deep into Métis culture and ecology over three enlightening days. Over 3 days and 2 nights, this exclusive package features a robust schedule of activities in Edmonton, at Elk Island National Park, and at Métis Crossing designed to connect visitors with the area’s natural and cultural heritage.

Experience the beating heart of Métis heritage with “Beavers, Bison, and People: Our Promise to Wahkotowin.” Here, travelers are invited to explore Métis culture, enjoy traditional foods, and discover practices that have been part of Métis traditions for generations. Embark on a transformative adventure, where each step reveals the interconnectedness between the Métis community and the natural environment.

This tour is offered on select dates from July to September 2024, including:

  • July 10 to 12
  • July 31 to August 2
  • August 28 to 30
  • September 4 to 6

The journey begins in Edmonton with a visit to ÎNÎW Art Park led by Talking Rock Tours, followed by two exciting experiences at Elk Island National Park: an exclusive Bison Backstage tour, followed by the “Turning Deserts into Gardens: A Beaver Tale” experience. Participants then travel to Métis Crossing, where they will engage in immersive activities, including the Visions, Hopes, and Dreams at Métis Crossing Wildlife Tour, and Connecting Worlds: Beaver Tales of the Fur Trade. These experiences are designed to provide a hands-on understanding of the historical and current ecological factors that shape Métis culture.

This package is thoughtfully designed to deepen understanding of the cultural, social, and ecological dynamics that shaped Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Visitors will embark on a journey through time and terrain as they trace the footsteps of history, exploring how natural conditions favored fur trapping and settlement. The tour highlights the Métis—one of Canada’s three Indigenous peoples—whose origins intertwine with the beaver and bison, symbolizing their emergence into nationhood. This experience invites participants to explore the intricate relationships between humans and the land and to reflect on the path of reconciliation.

Juanita Marois, CEO of Métis Crossing, states, “This package offers so much more than just a trip—it’s an immersive entry into the living history and vibrant culture of the Métis people, guided by the philosophy of Wahkotowin, which emphasizes the connection and mutual respect among all beings.”

Dale Kirkland, Elk Island National Park Superintendent, echoed this sentiment, noting, “Our collaboration with all parties involved is a testament to our dedication to preserving and sharing Canada’s diverse cultural landscapes and stories in a way that is inclusive and enlightening. Elk Island has a long history of bison conservation, and this new experience is a new way for us to share that history.”