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Michelin-Starred Chef Leading a 5-day Retreat in the Mecca of the Mediterranean Diet: Crete

Travelgems, Europe’s leading retreat company, proudly unveils an innovative collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, introducing an exclusive retreat concept centered around the culinary excellence of the Mediterranean diet. Set against the backdrop of Crete, Greece’s gastronomic heartland, this October, participants will embark on a culinary journey led by Tom himself. Experience live, interactive cooking classes from appetizers to desserts, and discover the secrets behind crafting award-winning meals.

“I champion using local produce and I’m excited to take on the adventure to combine health and purpose with taste whilst we explore and learn about exquisite, health-focused foods and recipes, fostering mindful eating practices, cultivating a renewed perspective on food, and learning the significance of the very best seasonal Mediterranean ingredients,” says Tom.

“My mission is to destigmatize the opinions around healthy food being uninteresting and tasteless, when in fact, it can be exciting, indulgent and delicious, whilst being beneficial to your health and wellbeing.”

The Eat Well, Live Well: A Mediterranean Food Journey retreat will be held October 26-30 at the exquisite Minos Beach Art Hotel, member of Design Hotels. At Minos, the ingenuity and taste of Cretan cuisine is celebrated, showcasing unrivalled local products, blending tastes and flavors of the finest Greek and Cretan ingredients, resulting in food that is simple, fresh and healthy.

Accompanying Tom will be nutritionist-dietitian Christina Kostara and Dr. Theodoros Kallitsis, Farm Manager at the esteemed American Farm School of Thessaloniki and Adjunct Instructor at Perrotis College. Together, they will impart their expertise, guiding participants in discovering the rich benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Learn to seamlessly blend luxurious flavors with wholesome, fresh ingredients for a lifestyle aimed at longevity and well-being.

Participants will engage in interactive cooking sessions led by Tom, who will guide them through preparing daily meals from scratch. Sessions begin with energizing breakfast options such as breads, smoothies, and nutritious snacks, and culminate in creating indulgent yet health-conscious desserts. Christina will host sessions on integrating Mediterranean dietary principles for overall nutrition, while Theodoros will provide insights on optimizing the farm-to-table journey.

This is a great opportunity for foodies, F&B managers, Chefs, or Hoteliers to enhance their knowledge of food and its relevance to local culture. This is also aligned with the rising travel trend of eating locally sourced food, zero-mile diets and so on.