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New Authentic Programs Inspired by Eastern Wellness Traditions

RAKxa wellness & medical retreat in Bangkok

RAKxa, the integrative wellness & medical retreat in Bangkok, is delighted to introduce a series of new Authentic Eastern Programs where tradition, technology and nature intertwine. The series of three holistic wellness programs – Sense of RAKxa; Rest & Reset; Cleanse & Purify – each focus on different goals and ensure that guests’ physical and mental health are both taken care of, to reach optimal wellbeing. The programs have been created in the post-pandemic era for those who wish to kickstart their wellness journey with a personalized and tailored approach, where not one itinerary will be the same as the next. The programs are comprehensive and integrated blends of eastern remedies, therapeutic massages and physiotherapy which will cleanse the body from toxins and reset the immune system.

Sense of RAKxa – three nights

Sense of RAKxa offers an authentic journey designed for true personalization based on guests’ specific health concerns, with the goal of attaining optimal wellbeing through the combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. Suitable for those looking for a gentle yet comprehensive introduction to the RAKxa experience, this program will soothe all the senses. Treatments include but are not limited to:

  • RAKxa Stress Release MassageStress and strain reliever focussing on muscle’s deeper layers
  • Marma Healing MassageAyurvedic oil massage to stimulate energy points
  • Private Tai Chi Private exercise inspired by Chinese martial arts to promote present of movement awareness
  • Choices of medical treatmentProfacial, Hyperbaric Chamber, Beauty Refresh IV, Blood Ozone IV and more

Rest & Reset – five or seven nights

Aimed at those looking to unwind from chronic stress and find solitude and peace. The Rest & Reset program combines the power of alternative remedies with scientific treatments, allowing guests to let go of daily worries and experience complete relaxation. Treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Singing BowlTibetan bowl sound vibration for stress relief and deep sleep
  • Tuina Accupressure MassageManipulation technique to stimulate acupressure points for chronic pain relief
  • Floatation – Floating in sensory deprivation tub for deep relaxation at a cellular level
  • Choices of medical treatmentImmune Myer IV, Hyperbaric Chamber, Toxic Metal Profile, Blood Ozone IV and more

Cleanse & Purify – five or seven nights

The Cleanse & Purify program allows guests to delve deep into the world of Authentic Eastern wellness incorporating a range of traditions from India, China, Thailand and beyond. The alternative detox treatments blend with supportive medical treatment to fundamentally alter toxins in the body and soul. Treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Kaya SuddhiAyervedic scrub and massage with detoxification in a herbal steam room
  • CuppingChinese meditative gliding cupping of oxygen for energy flow
  • Recover Touch Facial – Face to décolleté deep repairing & protecting treatment with multivitamin antioxidants
  • Choices of medical treatmentMetabolism Booster IV, Hyperbaric Chamber, Toxic Metal Profile, Whole Body Light Therapy and more