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Three of the Best New Museums to open This Year

Leading online travel agent Opodo picks its top new museums around the world that definitely deserve a place on your traveling bucket list this year. Whether you are looking to travel through time and relive centuries-old history or explore the infinite possibilities of the future, or simply marvel at the beauty of cultural artworks, travelers will be thrilled by these new and unique museums.

1. The Grand Egyptian Museum – Giza, Egypt

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Expected to open in the final quarter of this year, The Grand Egyptian Museum will be the largest archeological museum in the world. It will also display the entire collection of Tutankhamun’s treasures – more than 5,300 artefacts retrieved from his tomb when Howard Carter discovered it in 1922 – together for the first time, including his funeral mask and three coffins. Within the museum, there will be a separate children’s museum which will explain Egypt’s ancient world using state-of-the-art visual depictions. (grandegyptianmuseum)

2. Museum of the Future – Dubai, UAE

Museum of the Future

Unlike more traditional museums, Museum of the Future focuses on the different possible futures and the scientific and technological advancement humans can achieve. Opened in February 2022, the museum has three distinct experiences: Journey to the Future where guests are transported to year 2071 where the moon could be a source of renewable energy or where a digital Amazon forest is possible. Future Heroes is a dedicated space for the children where they are encouraged to develop future-proof skills through collaboration and creativity and Tomorrow Today showcases recent innovations in technology that answer to environmental, cultural, and societal issues and could transform the world. (Museum of the future tickets)

3. Museum of Broadway – New York, USA

Museum of Broadway

Scheduled to open this Summer, Museum of Broadway is an interactive and experiential museum that honors Broadway’s history, its game changers, and defining moments that shaped the industry. Visitors will be able to explore the history of Broadway at The Timeline, go inside some of the most noted musicals through installations designed by artists and Broadway designers at The Game Changers. They can also relive the history of New York City’s theaters through immersive videos at The Map Room and see what goes on behind-the-scenes at a Broadway show at The Making of a Broadway Show. (Museum of Broadway)