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New Island Resort in the Dominican Republic Transforms Mind & Body

Grupo Piñero proudly announces the opening of Cayo Levantado Resort, an exclusive complex located in one of the most enigmatic destinations in the Dominican Republic. The opening of Cayo Levantado Resort marks Grupo Piñero’s venture into the luxury segment of the hotel industry, redefined through a commitment to sustainable innovation and sophistication.

Situated just five kilometers from the Samaná Peninsula, Cayo Levantado Resort officially opens its doors in the presence of Isabel García Lorca, President and Founder of Grupo Piñero, and Encarna Piñero, Executive Vice President, and CEO.

This unique resort, nestled on a captivating island, features 218 rooms spread across 10 distinct typologies, each inspired by the natural beauty of the country. From Junior Suites to private villas accommodating up to eight people, the accommodations offer diverse environments that cater to various preferences. In its commitment to delivering a distinctive and exclusive experience, Cayo Levantado Resort has partnered with Forbes Travel Guide, ensuring the highest standards of quality, luxury, and hospitality in both service and facilities.

By envisioning a new paradigm for luxury tourism, properly named “the luxury of regeneration”, Cayo Levantado Resort materializes a groundbreaking concept of luxury tourism, rooted in sustainable innovation and sophistication. The resort focuses on a triple regeneration approach, centered around guest experience, respect for and protection of the environment, and celebration of local culture.

To ensure guests have a truly personalized experience aligned with their interests and needs, Cayo Levantado Resort offers four paths to well-being: REFRESH, RESTORE, RELAX, and RENEW. These programs, designed by wellness professionals who are part of the resort’s staff, enable visitors to engage in activities that promote personal reconnection within a magical natural setting. The offerings include high-intensity activities, physical training therapies, spa treatments, nutritionist-curated menus, and meditation sessions with a focus on spiritual growth.

Taking well-being to new heights, Cayo Levantado Resort presents Yubarta, the true heart of the island, seamlessly integrated within the tropical gardens at the center of the Cayo. Yubarta offers an elevated experience of personal growth and discovery. This unique space aims to establish an atmosphere that facilitates self-reflection through tailored workshops, activities, and programs.

The culinary experience at the resort reaches unparalleled heights with six restaurants featuring diverse culinary concepts, catering to every taste. From international and healthy options to Mediterranean, fusion Nikkei, steakhouse, and, of course, traditional Dominican gastronomy, guests will savor a gastronomic journey like no other.

Sustainability is at the core of Cayo Levantado Resort’s ethos. Grupo Piñero has embraced innovation and sustainability across all aspects of this new space to protect the ecosystem, preserve flora and fauna, and minimize ecological impact. The resort features a water production and bottling plant utilizing condensation technology. The resort plays a vital role in biodiversity conservation and stands as a pivotal point in the Samaná Bay reef zone, signifying the inception of a vibrant marine ecosystem and providing a sanctuary for a diverse range of bird species, majestic whales, and delicate coral formations. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding this precious natural habitat, Grupo Piñero’s Eco-Bahía Foundation works in close collaboration with esteemed local non-governmental organizations such as CEBSE and FUNDEMAR to actively conserve and restore the delicate coral reefs that thrive in these waters.

In the spirit of resource conservation, Cayo Levantado Resort’s commitment is evident throughout the entire guest experience. The check-in process has been thoughtfully designed to eliminate the need for paper, replacing it with identification bracelets. The dedication to minimizing plastic waste is showcased in every room, which adheres to a strict zero plastics criteria. To empower all guests in managing their environmental impact, the resort has implemented a cutting-edge room control system called “RoomXperience.” This intuitive system allows each guest to actively monitor their real-time energy consumption through convenient controls for lighting, presence detection, door and window sensors, as well as precise temperature and humidity management.

The sustainability efforts of Cayo Levantado Resort extend beyond environmental initiatives. The integration and promotion of local talent play a central and essential role in their mission to provide an experience that sets a new standard for tourism in the region. The resort prioritizes engaging and showcasing local talents, fostering a vibrant and authentic guest experience. By involving the community, it cultivates a strong sense of community and cultural connection, providing guests with an immersive and genuine stay. This commitment to local talent enriches the guest experience and contributes to the resort’s mission of redefining tourism standards in the region.