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New Lifestyle Concept by Rosewood Hotels

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KHOS™, the newest concept from international hospitality leader Rosewood Hotel Group, is pleased to announce the latest details of the brand’s evolution since it was first unveiled in Q4 of 2017. KHOS is crafted to embrace today’s modern lifestyle, reinventing the traditional idea of the business hotel. KHOS is designed specifically for a new generation of travellers for whom the conventional boundaries of work and play no longer exist.

Currently operating a hotel and a resort at two strategic locations in China, with additional properties opening in the near future; the brand’s philosophy is underpinned by a distinct lifestyle orientation inspired by the energy, art, creativity, style and dynamism of the modern day. As the world continues to change in unprecedented ways, and with the ever-increasing demands of the digital generation, KHOS is well-positioned at the vanguard of a new era in business travel and hospitality.

“We created KHOS to cater to the needs of this new generation of travellers: people who are constantly on the move and crave places to stay that understand, mirror and support their dynamic lifestyle,” says Sonia Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of Rosewood Hotel Group. “Our concept reflects the new priorities and preferences of this community and keeps pace with the continuing rapid evolution of digitalisation, while simultaneously pioneering new and safe ways of working.”

An Inspired Solution for The New Generation

Derived from the Mongolian word meaning “pair”, KHOS was inspired to encourage collaboration amongst creators, with properties encompassing exceptional ergonomic environments designed to inspire a global class of change-makers. Whether entrepreneurs exchanging ideas, business teams building common ground, or couples, families and friends strengthening their emotional ties through shared experiences, KHOS invites local residents and international travellers alike to come together to explore, innovate and recharge against a backdrop of vibrant cultures and communities. To this end, the concept’s unique combination of benefits and functions serve as a convergence of the best aspects of business hotels, lifestyle hotels, social clubs and communal workspaces, amounting to an ecosystem of services perfectly tailored for modernists in today’s lifestyle as they switch effortlessly between work and play.

At the core of the KHOS philosophy are key signatures which underscore the brand’s positioning as a vibrant hub where business and leisure, productivity, creativity and wellness are seamlessly interlinked:

KHOS Connect takes the communal workspace to the next level of dynamism with social, flexible spatial design and an inspiring programme of events, available to both in-house guests and the local community.

The Commons replaces the formality of a traditional lobby with a more casual social hub. Designed to both inspire and engage, this energetic, interactive space is also open to both local residents and global travellers alike.

KHOS Eat & Drink is the brand’s dining and bar programme, designed to offer a casual and contemporary culinary adventure.

KHOS Gather takes a fresh approach to meetings, replacing formal ‘meeting rooms’ with gathering spaces specifically designed to encourage and facilitate creativity and innovation.

KHOS Play is an immersive space for our younger guests to learn through fun and interactive programmes. A variety of activities are hosted both indoor and outdoor with a focus on adventure, sustainability and positive self-image.

Downtime is built on a foundation of three distinct, yet harmonious signatures – Retreat, Renew and Recharge. Retreat to allow guests to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink with friends; Renew as a well-being concepts by introducing the tradition of bathing and cleansing ceremonies by putting the best of Asia customs together; Recharge, a high energy social fitness experience, offering variety of group classes and individual training.

KHOS Langfang

The brand’s first property, KHOS Langfang is ideally situated within the high-tech city, itself strategically positioned between Beijing and Tianjin in China. Housing 294 rooms, the property’s exceptional location within the Guangyang District is just 1.8 kilometres from Langfang Wanda Plaza and 30 kilometres from Beijing Daxing International Airport. In keeping with Langfang’s reputation as a fine culinary destination, the hotel offers three vibrant dining outlets, offering a range of dining venues for business and family gathering; a true presentation of an authentic taste of the extraordinary city with a choice of fresh and delicious dining options. KHOS Langfang introduces a thoughtfully designed the Commons as the heart of the hotel experience; updating and integrating the traditional front office and lobby lounge, the Commons creates an entirely new vibrant experience by adding in elements of retail and communal workspace within a free-flowing and social space showcasing an exuberant and contemporary design.

KHOS Qingyuan

July 2020 saw the opening of KHOS Qingyuan in northern Guangdong, the brand’s first resort. A spectacularly scenic retreat conveniently located close to the dynamic city of Qingyuan, the property is ideal for private wellness pursuits. KHOS Qingyuan offers 217 luxury guestrooms and suites, meticulously designed using natural and sustainable materials including wood and stone, which imbue the hotel with a relaxed, Japanese-inspired aesthetic. In addition, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a 24-hour fitness centre, KHOS Qingyuan also boasts its own unique hot spring for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Rated by the Nippon Onsen Research Institute as a first-class hot spring water, KHOS Qingyuan’s hot spring are supplied by natural spring water drawn from deep beneath the earth. Known to relieve fatigue and rejuvenate the skin, these waters carry the essence of geothermal energy to put both the mind and body in a state of sublime relaxation. For guests with young children, family bonding opportunities, KHOS Play is a space designed for children to learn and grow amid a safe, fun and interactive environment; in order to nurture the young generation, Play structures its indoor and outdoor spaces and hands-on activities around the pillars of learning, adventure, independence, and positive self-image.

KHOS Shenyang

Rosewood Hotel Group is now eagerly anticipating the upcoming opening of its third KHOS property in China, KHOS Shenyang. Located in the most vibrant part of the rising Tier 1 city on the Golden Corridor, the hotel has direct access to the Shenyang K11 Art Mall, the Shenyang New World EXPO and Wulihe metro station, with Shenyang Taoxian International Airport and major train stations all within a 20-minute drive. Upon opening, KHOS Shenyang will unveil 400 guestrooms, the Commons social hub, as well as 3,200 square metres of event space. Turning up the heat on the city’s dining scene, KHOS Shenyang presents a diverse spectrum of colourful culinary destinations, ranging from casually convivial Asian eateries to unparalleled upscale Chinese private dining, including So Shenyang, offering an Asian market style dining; Yu Mansion, a Cantonese seafood and regional speciality restaurant with a private dining room in the garden; Kao Grill House as a high energy Asian tavern and Zui, a beer and cocktail bar. In keeping with KHOS being an innovate hotel concept, KHOS Shenyang presents KHOS Connect, an innovative communal workspace, comprised of a vibrant common area, discreet private offices and versatile meeting rooms for everything from impromptu brainstorm sessions to important client interactions.


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