The Spruce Group, a Philadelphia-based real estate firm, announced today that it will transform the National Historic Landmark, and former home of The New Century Guild—one of the nation’s oldest and most prominent women’s empowerment organizations— into the Guild House hotel, a stunning boutique hotel in the heart of Philadelphia. The Guild House hotel is set to open this March in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Founded in 1882, the forward-thinking,independent female abolitionists, suffragists, artists, and writers behind The New Century Guild used this building as a hub for education, entertainment, and activism in the early 20th century.  The Guild House hotel seeks to celebrate its legacy by connecting the past with the present to create an intriguing and inspiring experience for guests.  This can be seen in everything from the 12 suites inspired by the iconic female leaders of the New Century Guild, and the elegant interior design to the amenities provided by women- and minority-owned businesses, and the sense of community created at the hotel intended to honor the historic traditions and women’s empowerment initiatives set forth here nearly 140 years ago.  

“Every aspect of the Guild House hotel tells the remarkable story of its historic past in a way that feels fresh, modern and relevant, offering guests an unforgettable experience,” said Brennan Tomasetti, co-owner of the Guild House Hotel. “We’re proud of our connection to these women and the passion for social progress, justice and equity that the New Century Guild embodied for more than a century. We strive to honor their legacy by nurturing our own inclusive, inspiring community.”

The Suites In 1920, the bedrooms on the third and fourth floors of the New Century Guild were converted into boarding rooms that members could rent for 25 cents per night. The Guild House hotel pays homage to the traditions and the women who stayed before us with the introduction of 12 luxurious rooms and suites. Thoughtfully composed by ROHE Creative, a Philadelphia-based and woman-owned interior design studio, each suite reflects a notable member of the New Century Guild and their individual passions and contributions to the Guild.

The Amenities

To further the property’s historic roots in female empowerment and the women’s rights movement, the Guild House hotel has partnered with leading women-owned businesses in Philadelphia and beyond, connecting guests with products and amenities from a diverse roster of entrepreneurs. Companies include:

  • Coffee will be provided by Sip & Sonder, a black women-owned entrepreneurial and creative hub where coffee, community and culture connect.
  • Tea will be provided by Blushing Wren, a Philadelphia-based, woman-owned business that sources locally and sustainability grown ingredients that are hand-harvested and delicately blended to ensure the highest quality benefits and taste.
  • Bath products will be provided by Fork & Melon, a clean line of elevated skin and body care products made with watermelon seed oil imported from France.

Inspired by the sense of community and connection created at the New Century Guild, the Guild House hotel will also offer a range of opportunities for guests to engage with one another, the Guild House hotel community, and the city of Philadelphia. Community-building initiatives will include a series of fireside chats featuring celebrity speakers on topics of women’s empowerment, a private hotel chat channel to connect guests (if they wish) with one another, a community board in the hotel on which guests can answer questions about themselves and leave notes for each other, and as a nod to the Guild’s beloved tradition of “noon rest,” the Guild House hotel will offer an elegant complimentary snack served every afternoon.

The Service:

Every aspect of the guest experience is prioritized at the Guild House hotel, and with its intimate scale, every guest is treated like family. In a time when privacy and health are prioritized more than ever, the Guild House prides itself on its impeccable “invisible” service. During a stay at the Guild House hotel, the space belongs entirely to the guest, with staff on call 24 hours a day, ready to serve or fulfil any needs pertaining to luxury amenities, curated experiences, customized itineraries, personalized perks befitting a five-star boutique hotel and other special services upon request.

The Location:

The Guild House hotel is located along the 1300 Block of Locust Street in the historic yet vibrant Washington Square West neighborhood across from stately institutions including the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Library Company.  The Guild House hotel is immediately surrounded by some of the city’s most prominent attractions, including the Avenue of the Arts, the locus of Philadelphia’s thriving theater and music scene; the picturesque Washington Square Park; Walnut Street, the city’s most expansive stretch of retail shopping; South Street, a famously diverse mix of art, shopping, entertainment, iconic cheesesteak joints and more; and the charming Old City neighborhood, home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, and more of Philadelphia’s iconic historic landmarks. The hotel is also located just steps away from easily accessible public transit options including SEPTA buses and subway lines, Amtrak and Indego bike-share stations.

In the November 1906 issue of the Journal of Women’s Work, a monthly publication printed by The New Century Guild of Working Women, it states, “In all respects, we feel that we have finally attained what our dear Guild Mother had in mind – a restful place for the brain-weary business woman; a home where every member will feel she is a necessary part of the Home Beautiful, and that, to perfect its inspiration, she must extend the hand of fellowship to all her fellow workers.”

Reflecting on this quote, Tomasetti commented, “In concepting and bringing to life the Guild House Hotel, this quote has guided us, and I now believe we too are aligned with the mission and goals set forth by these inspiring women over a century ago. We have created an inspiring space to rest and relax, while also engaging and empowering fellow entrepreneurs. I’m proud to showcase the Guild House Hotel’s one-of-a-kind experience that merges the past and the present while boasting charming elegance, uncomplicated ease and luxury, refreshing independence and excellent service, and can’t wait to welcome our first guests in March.”  

To learn more about The Guild House Hotel, or to book a stay, please visit,, or engage with the Hotel on Instagram or Facebook.


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