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New Mixed Space Concept Kafnu to Open in Hong Kong and Taipei in 2017

Introducing Kafnu: work in a beautiful office, drink in a speakeasy, train in a rockstar gym, learn like you're at an Ivy League university – all in a home away from home

Next Story Group, a company reimagining urban spaces, has unveiled Kafnu. Kafnu is the future of shared spaces: blending elements of co-working, hotel, restaurant, bar, gym, and private club. Companies like Google and Facebook provide everything their employees need in their offices so employees never need to leave, but these facilities have been inaccessible to entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, and creators. Kafnu now brings these spaces to everyone.

While Kafnu is a shared space with co-working facilities, it goes beyond that. Inside Kafnu, members have access to everything that they need to live, work, play, learn, and refresh. Think swanky meeting rooms, urban fitness centers, cozy but comfortable sleep pods, spa-like shower facilities, and even a craft whisky bar that’s hidden inside of each Kafnu. Members pay for what they need, as they need it. For example, a member needing to nap for three hours after a late-night work session before heading to the airport can book a sleep pod for just the time they need, rather than an entire overnight stay.

Kafnu opens its flagship locations in Hong Kong and Taipei in late 2017. The Hong Kong location will be inside the new Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, in the Hung Hom area of Kowloon. Kafnu Taipei has its own 12-story building in the Songshan neighborhood, three minutes drive from the city airport, and located amidst business, shopping, and nightlife. Those who travel frequently between Hong Kong and Taipei will have access to both locations, providing a flexible address, office, crash pad, shower, gym, and storage facility in both cities.

Morris Sim, Chief Marketing Officer of Next Story Group said, “With their diverse technology, media, and creative communities, Hong Kong and Taipei were the ideal cities for the first Kafnu shared spaces. We welcome the creators, entrepreneurs, artists from these cities into Kafnu to achieve their dreams.

Kafnu is named after a village in India where people go to start Himalayan hikes; a basecamp so to speak. Just like travelers go to Kafnu to begin their real journeys, Kafnu wants its spaces to be the basecamp for entrepreneurs, creators, and artists on their metaphorical journeys.


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