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Just in Time for Summer, New Private BnB Platform for Homes, Boats, and RVs

TrustedShare works like a private bnb, making it easy to share and rent out homes, boats, campers and other vehicles to one's trusted network.

MPP Software Solutions recently launched TrustedShare, a platform for renting and sharing vacation homes, boats, RVs, and vehicles privately. Like the commercial BnB platforms, albeit exclusive to people the owners sent invites to, assets can be listed on TrustedShare and made available for booking. With this new platform, owners can take advantage of tools to help manage availability and bookings, and even pay-outs and reports. Guests only pay a 5% service fee.

The idea behind TrustedShare came from Colin Moreland, CEO of MPP Software and one of Canada’s Top 20 Dynamic CEO for 2021.

Their family owns a few holiday apartments rented to friends and colleagues from time to time. “I was using Google calendar, email, texting and messaging (in social media), but these tools are not connected. Just coordinating with guests from booking inquiries to payment was taking so much time and effort,” he said. He wanted the same tools that commercial platforms have, but prefer to keep their places private. “To us, they’re not just properties, they are homes where we make great memories. I have more peace of mind knowing the people who rent treat them with respect,” added Colin.

Aside from the tools available, the TrustedShare team can assist owners in creating their listings, and sending private invites to friends and people they’d like to rent or share assets with.

The response has been positive so far. With rising prices, more owners are looking to sign up to help recover property taxes or licenses, storage fees and maintenance cost.  Colin shared that the owners who favor private sharing are:

  • Those like him who need tools to manage the process seamlessly
  • Families and friends who are co-owners
  • Those who like to exchange assets. TrustedShare’s “group” feature enable them to see and book each other’s listings more easily versus group chats
  • Hosts in commercial public platforms who have return guests and referrals. Free hosting and listing in the platform give them the best value; hosts in Airbnb appreciate that it syncs with the calendar availability.

There are also generous owners looking to just gift a stay in their RV, boat or home.

Charles Bowden, the American author, said, “summertime is always the best of what might be.” Sign-up, list your properties at https://trustedshare.com/ and start sharing. Make this summer the best it could be.