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The Bahamas is Revitalizing its Reefs, One Piece of Coral at a Time

divers in the Bahamas planting coral

The 700 islands of The Bahamas are well known for being welcoming, warm, and flush with beautiful turquoise waters. While many travelers may appreciate The Bahamas for its waves of sparkling blue, the destination has been winning new fans of late for its commitment to being green. The Bahamas has established itself as one of the most eco-friendly destinations in the world – a claim they do not make lightly!

With vast coral systems surrounding many of its islands, The Bahamas has taken steps to preserve the beauty of these fragile ecosystems. From eco-friendly resorts and new national parks to renewed investment in sustainability education, the destination has been remarkably thorough in its quest to go green. Although each of its conservation efforts deserves a moment in the spotlight, let’s dive in and explore the ground breaking ways in which The Bahamas is restoring its coral reefs.  

A Brief Reef-resher

Before we get into these innovative efforts, it’s important to understand the state of the coral reefs surrounding the islands. The Bahamas is home to 35% of all coral reefs in the Caribbean, but unfortunately, the Bahamian coral has been declining due to diseases, pollution and climate change. The decline of these reefs has engendered a massive ripple effect on the endemic species of The Bahamas, as the reefs are the glue holding together the entire aquatic ecosystem. Reefs feed fish, protect coastlines, and shelter many other marine organisms. To sum it up, these animals (they aren’t actually plants!) are critical to the future of the Caribbean. Luckily, the organizations below are leading the way with both compassion and innovation, protecting the vulnerable coral and offering incredible excursions at the same time. 

Coral Vita 

Coral Vita is a coral farm located in Grand Bahama that regrows, revitalizes and restores dying coral. Coral Vita isn’t your average coral farm that uses ocean-based nurseries to restore coral: they grow corals on a land-based farm that uses breakthrough techniques to regrow coral 50 times faster than what would be possible in nature. Essentially, the technology used at Coral Vita is regrowing bigger and better coral at breakneck speeds. Well, to be clear, the farm coral may not be physically larger than its underwater cousins, but it is certainly more resilient. Using advanced technology, Coral Vita is breeding coral that can withstand changing oceanic conditions that would typically threaten reef health. The innovative methods used at Coral Vita are a significant advancement in conserving the world’s coral reefs.

If you’re visiting The Bahamas and want to see this one-of-a-kind coral farm for yourself, you’re in luck! Coral Vita offers tours where you’ll be guided through the farms and get the chance to observe the brilliant coral technicians restoring the coral. If you can’t make it out to the beautiful Bahamas anytime soon to visit Coral Vita, there are other ways you can support coral restoration. Through Coral Vita, you can adopt a coral and receive a personalized adoption card, as well as stay informed on your coral’s restoration process!  


The Bahamas Reef Environmental Educational Foundation, or BREEF for short, is an integral part of marine conservation in The Bahamas. BREEF’s mission focuses on educating people about the value of conserving the vibrant ocean waters and the species that call them home. Part of BREEF’s conservation efforts naturally include reef restoration. BREEF created the Coral Reef Sculpture Garden to draw attention to the many threats facing the Bahamian coral reefs. The Coral Reef Sculpture Garden is a fantastic diving and snorkelling experience, as it is home to the world’s largest underwater sculpture: Ocean Atlas. The compelling sculpture – which depicts a young girl with the ocean on her shoulders – serves double duty as a piece of can’t-miss art and an artificial reef and coral nursery. BREEF also has a coral nursery on the Andros Great Barrier Reef. At these nurseries, BREEF is able to grow endangered species of coral, ensuring the continued biodiversity of the Caribbean. 

Whether you have a vested interest in helping save the ocean or are just looking for an eco-friendly excursion on your next getaway, keep these two organizations on your radar. Both Coral Vita and BREEF are leading the charge in preserving the trademark beauty that visitors to The Bahamas enjoy year after year.