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Office Workers’ Health Problems: 10 Common Illnesses They Might Easily Get

Image by Drazen Zigic

Most office employees spend their time sitting and facing the screen. Even though they might look relaxed and comfortable, this position can secretly make them easily experience some health problems, especially if the office condition is unclean! To make you more aware and prevent this from happening, here are some health problems that are more common to be  experienced by office workers!

Back and Neck Pain

Because everyday work is done while sitting, an improper sitting position can trigger work-related illnesses in the back and neck. Experts often use the term musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs to describe pain and discomfort in the back and neck. This back pain condition if left for too long, will not only affect the back muscles but also affects the spine and posture. If the spine and posture have been affected, the healing process will take longer.

Frequent Delays in Eating Can Result in Ulcer

Even though there are many deadlines, it doesn’t mean that you can skip your meal! Not eating properly and at the right time can injure your digestive system. It usually results in you having symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and eventually an ulcer. Having these symptoms will decrease your productivity level. Thus, try to maintain meal times even during your busy time. Because if you don’t pay attention to your body, it won’t be able to sustain you to work either.

Causing Respiratory Problem

The most common respiratory problem is caused by dust and dirt in the surrounding environment. Therefore, company workspaces that are rarely cleaned and piles of document papers that are not neatly arranged can be the ultimate cause of respiratory disease happening among the employees.

What you as the employee can do to prevent this, is by ensuring that your personal area is thoroughly clean. If your company does not have an in-house cleaner, you can also urge the employer to hire SG office cleaning to make sure that the common area of the office is properly cleaned periodically.

Improve Chances of Obesity

As mentioned before, sitting for too long will affect the energy-burning in our body. This will result in the accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body so the risk of becoming obese will be greater. You should try to keep moving, even if only for a few minutes. If done routinely, you can avoid obesity!

Decrease in the Eye Condition

Because most employees will need to work constantly in front of the computer, their eyes might be affected as a result. Apart from dry and watery eyes, you can also experience headaches and neck pain. Therefore, doctors recommend keeping a distance of 55 to 70 centimeters from the screen. Avoid staring at the computer screen periodically and don’t forget to rest your eyes from time to time.

Prone to be Infected with Typhoid Fever

Hectic schedules make employees not pay attention to the type of food they consume, making them prone to typhoid fever. Typhoid fever is caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi which is usually found in unclean food and drink. Typhoid disease attacks the immune system which makes the person’s body weaker. What you can do to prevent this from happening, is by cooking your lunch or buying from a trusted restaurant if you are too busy to prepare it by yourself.

Higher Chance of Developing Heart Disease

Heart disease poses greater risk for those who work in a sitting position every day. This is because sitting continuously for long hours will slow down the process of blood circulation in the body and result in a lack of muscle ability to burn fat. If fat in the body is not burned optimally, the possibility of heart blockage is even greater!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a collection of symptoms of wrist and finger pain, stiffness, and tingling. This syndrome has not been clearly confirmed as an occupational disease. Even so, this activity can trigger inflammation in the connective tissue between bones and muscles (tendons) which over time can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Overwork Causes Decline in Fertility Rates

Male workers who often work overtime, do understand that it can trigger fertility disorders such as erectile dysfunction and decreased sperm count. Therefore, try to relax your body by not working overtime too often, especially when you and your partner are currently planning for pregnancy.

Could Lead to Depression

Apart from physical illness, the excessive workload on office workers also has an impact on their mental health. An office work culture that places too much of a burden on employees or a work atmosphere that is not conducive can lead to burnout and depression.

Those were some diseases that usually attack office workers. Remember, work is necessary, but do pay attention to your health also!