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On-Demand Private Aviation Company, Aerial Jets

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Image by Vali Greceanu

Aerial Jets, the certified on-demand private jet charter provider, has taken flight to offer competitive pricing, exceptional luxury service and client safety. Owned by Rudi Slochowski and Justin Kaminoff, the Miami-based private jet company has access to over 6,000 aircraft on the global charter marketplace with flight routes available throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean and Europe.

“During the pandemic, we started to see the demand grow for on-demand private aviation, but there was a huge gap in the market,” explains Slochowski. “Aerial Jets was born with the intention to normalize private jet use for anyone looking to fly private and provide unbeatable service, at a much lower cost, without sacrificing quality or safety.” 

Aerial Jets stands out from its competitors with its unmatched pricing, bespoke complimentary catering on every flight and guarantees no hidden fees, down payments or out-of-pocket commitments. Using cutting-edge sourcing platforms and their first-class sales network, Kaminoff and Slochowski have created the recipe for success to acquire most routes at discounted rates. 

Providing exceptional white glove service, the private aviation company has access to a variety of different aircraft ranging from turbo props to ultra-long range aircraft and even Boeing Business Jets. Passenger capacities can range from 4 to 50, depending on the client’s needs. 

“At Aerial Jets, we offer our clients all of the benefits of a fully paid membership (without the exorbitant down payments required) on an a la carte basis, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per year,” says Kaminoff. “Providing unbeatable service with an exceptional aircraft network allows us to offer pricing rarely seen in the industry.” 

Offering passengers virtually unlimited flight routes throughout North America, South America and Europe, Aerial Jets’ most popular destinations include Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Aspen, West Palm Beach, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Toronto, London, Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico. 

With more than 15 years of experience in the aviation industry, Slochowski began his career offering helicopter financing solutions before transitioning into the private jet sector. In 2015, he began working as a broker in the on-demand private charter space where he built a solid book of business and network. 

Kaminoff first began his career in property management before segueing into the aviation industry. He specializes in advocating for his clients, whether that be for a better aircraft at a lower price or taking the time to facilitate even the most difficult of requests. In 2020, Slochowski and Kaminoff partnered to build Aerial Jets and provide a modern approach to on-demand jet charter and aviation sales. 

Aerial Jets only works with operators who are Wyvern or Argus rated, considering safety of the utmost importance. All of the charter aircraft they use are regularly maintained and inspected to exceed FAA standards, and the flight crews undergo rigorous recurrent training in the aircraft they fly. 

To book a flight or get more information, visit www.aerialjets.com.