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Water Views: Rivers, Lakes, Oceans – new photo book from David Ondaatje

This spring, Monacelli is excited to publish Water Views: Rivers, Lakes, Oceans (June 14; $45 US/$60 CA), a breathtaking overview of the most striking bodies of water from around the world. Photographed with state-of-the-art drone technology by filmmaker David Ondaatje, these stunning aerial images reveal the unspoiled beauty of the wilderness and the marvel of coastal water patterns across a wide range of climates and topographies.

From the untamed coast of Oregon to the sunny surf spots of southern California, the wilds of western Canada to Florida’s southeast shoreline and the Caribbean islands, Water Views takes readers on a trip around the globe. Visit still waters from Lake Tahoe, meander along waterfronts in Florence and Rome, and reflect on the calm of fishing spots (Ondaatje is a keen fly-fisherman) from Montana creeks to Mexican seas. 

In the book’s introduction, Ondaatje tracks his lifetime of experience with cameras, taking advantage of the medium’s constant innovation to find new ways to document and visually preserve nature’s splendor. Throughout the book, Ondaatje’s keen awareness of the effects of climate change on the natural world is also omnipresent as he recounts that many of the places he has photographed in the past few years are already no longer the same. As a small contribution to the fight against climate change, Ondaatje and Monacelli have purchased carbon offsets to cover part of the environmental impact of printing this book.

The first book from this hugely talented creative force, Water Views is a fascinating and restorative exploration of the latest photographic techniques and an important homage to our earth and to our valiant efforts to protect and preserve it.

Order here, Water Views: Rivers, Lakes, Oceans