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Pinterest Partners With Louvre Museum – Behind the Scenes Look + Virtual Tour

Pinterest and the world-renowned cultural institution the Louvre Museum are joining forces to reveal their first original series, “A Look at the Louvre,” which offers unique perspective on the world’s most visited museum.  

Through a series of original videos, ”A look at the Lovure,” shares the museum’s masterpieces and architecture at the crossroads of centuries. The content features off-the-beaten-path tours to discover both collections, the museum’s courtyards and staircases, as well as unusual places. The videos invite viewers to admire details within the museum, such as beautifully crafted ceilings and views from the windows. 

This new series is further proof of Pinterest’s ongoing commitment to bringing original and enriching content to the more than 430 million users who turn to the platform each month for inspiration. While this is the first collaboration with a French museum, Pinterest is developing several partnerships to take the quality of its content to new heights, including its partnership with Tastemade, established worldwide in June. The goal is to develop an ecosystem of creators, enrich content production and accelerate live streaming on Pinterest. In the coming months, more original programs will be introduced across Pinterest’s core categories such as cooking, travel, decoration, and much more.

Here are some of the first videos:

  • A Look at the Louvre: the art of love
  • Experience an extraordinarily romantic day at the Louvre with your date 
  • A Look at the Louvre: art through the windows
  • Take a bird’s eye view of the Louvre and Paris from the museum’s windows
  • A Look at the Louvre: everything but the Mona Lisa
  • Dive into the heart of the Louvre’s most visited room and discover the other wonders that adorn its wall
  • A Look at the Louvre: so cliché
  • When the Louvre becomes a unique playground for photographers
  • A Look at the Louvre: the lonely visitor
  • Find the most private spots and enjoy the Louvre without the crowds

The videos will be available in French and English and will be posted on Pinterest’s Daily Inspiration page in France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States. The following five videos will be published next year. 

More than a museum, the Louvre is a place to invest in, a source of inspiration and a driver of creativity. Former home of kings, the Louvre has aligned with French history for eight centuries. Conceived from its creation in 1793 as a universal museum, its collections, which are among the finest in the world, span several millennia and a territory that stretches from America to the borders of Asia. As the guardian of this unique heritage, the Louvre is the most visited museum in the world. It is followed by over 10 million people on social networks.