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Practice Self-Love this Women’s Month at The Farm

A lot of working women nowadays find themselves gradually spiraling down to a life-draining existence due to the high demand of work in the modern times. The Farm’s healing environment and its team of integrative medical doctors, psychologists, nurses and allied health professionals address the many veils of mental and emotional challenges to help women regain clarity of thinking and bring back their emotional resilience.

Special Yoga Workshop for the Month of March

In full support of International Women’s Month this March, The Farm focuses on women’s health and well-being through a special yoga workshop.

On this special class/workshop, you will learn a combination of techniques to increase the flow of energy. Physical yoga practice will be complemented with stress reduction methods such as meditation and relaxation exercises for optimal vitality.

Embodying the Feminine
A yoga practice has the potential to support a positive transformation for a woman as she passes through natural cycles of change in her life. 

• ANUSARA YOGA  (Yoga of the Heart) – “Flowing with Grace” as such promote deep personal growth and transformative experiences in all levels. Heart opener and backbends. Awakening the heart (Anahata Chakra) and make it the foundation of your practice, including the desire to connect with your creativity and joyful self-discoveries. Heart openers expand your chest and rib cage, making them more receptive and free. 

• VINYASA YOGA (Hip Openers) – Yoga poses that are useful for releasing difficult emotions by finding physical release through hip openers. Feeling stuck and inflexible in a yoga posture may be more than just tight hamstrings; it could be some old feelings holding you back. This creates physical tightness, stress, tension and sometimes pain. The space between the hips is also the location of the second Chakra (Sacral Chakra) or energy center. This Chakra is connected to our relationships with other people. Igniting this Chakra with hip opening poses is a way to open yourself up to processing, finding forgiveness and understanding the roots of your emotions.

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An item you may also want to consider is the Chakra Wand. Chakra wands can be used for healing, energy, helping alleviate sexual problems etc.


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