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Experience The Magic of Susona Bodrum: Sirens of the Shore Storytelling Picnic

private story telling picnic

Susona Bodrum is delighted to introduce guests to experience the magic of Susona (or mermaid) and their ‘Sirens of the Shore’, private story telling picnic offering, ideal for families. Every day from 15th of July until 15th of September 2022, experience a unique dining atmosphere. Situated in a stunning seafront location on the southwestern Aegean coast of Turkey, in the heart of the Turkish Riviera, bring the magic of Turkish Mythology to life on the private LXR decks. Each family will enjoy the privacy and beauty of their own private jetty overlooking the tranquil Aegean Sea. Explore the legends of this mystical region through a beautiful Susona inspired picnic, accompanied by a local storyteller, expertly weaving the myths inspired by Turkish Mythology and the Susona, as the sun sets over the jetty.


The Susona or more widely known as mermaid, is an aquatic creature born of Turkish Mythology and the daughter of the Sea King. The Susona Bodrum celebrates water as not only the source of life but as an element of spiritual significance, which can be enjoyed by all. The celebration of water and all it represents is a key part of the core of Susona Bodrum, from the location of the property, on a private peninsula, surrounded by impossibly clear waters, through to the architecture of the property, inspired by the concept of a water droplet.

Susona, Sirens of the Shore is an opportunity to relax and enjoy a private family experience as well as exploring the rich culture of Turkish Mythology and this enchanting region.

Magical Mermaid Style Dinner

A distinctly unique experience, this magical mermaid style dinner will be a truly local experience, inspired by Turkish seafood delicacies with a Susona twist. Setting a beautiful scene on the private jetty, mermaid-inspired candles and place settings will be accompanied by welcome drinks and signature cocktails in calming themes of white and blue.

The team have created a unique mermaid sharing style dinner to be enjoyed at the water’s edge, including dishes such as Lion Fish Ceviche, Yellowfin Tuna and Aegean Octopus plus a ‘Mermaid’s Favourite’ dessert. As the evening moves into the night, starry skies are the ideal backdrop for storytelling Susona style.

Storytelling, Susona Style`

After dinner is the traditional time for sharing – a captivating evening on the jetty is brought to life for the whole family through the art of storytelling. The mythology surrounding the mermaid, includes the Susona luring sailors to her with her magical voice, as well as controlling the water and sea which is deep and vast, reflecting human emotions. The Susona symbolises change and balance, and the seasoned Susona Bodrum gifted storytellers will take guests on a journey of discovery through captivating mermaid myths and legends and local folklore from the region, told through the generations.