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What You Need to Pack for Your Nantucket Summer Visit

Photo by Jon Mezzadri

One of the must-visit areas for a delightful summer, is Nantucket – an island off Cape Cod. It is an amazing place that may prompt repeat visits to exhaust its niceties.

As usual, you need to organize things like your finances and a nice place to stay before setting off for your vacation. You also need many items to ensure a fantastic summer on the cozy island. 

Let us look at the essentials to have when spending summer in Nantucket.

Summer Clothes

The summer is synonymous with its unique fashion. Bring your shorts, sundresses, hats, and sandals, and enjoy the warmth. You cannot visit Nantucket for a vacation wearing a three-piecer unless for a brief business meeting.

You do not want to stick out like a sore thumb in the streets and beaches of Nantucket. Go casual to get a breather from your style. Accessorize with sunglasses and minimal jewelry to get the nod from other fashionistas on the island. 


The beach is one standout aspect of Nantucket and a place to hang out during summer. Considering the sun will be out most of the day, you will need some sunscreen protection. It is crucial, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

A Raincoat

A raincoat in summer? It may sound absurd to many people. However, if going to Nantucket, do not miss a raincoat, as the weather is quite unpredictable. One time you may be enjoying the soothing summer sun, and the next, you are running to seek shelter from drizzles.

You are most likely to experience light showers in the evenings. Be safe and carry a raincoat or any similar gear.

An Umbrella

Do not forget to pack an umbrella when visiting this island. It comes in handy to protect you from extreme sun or raindrops. Pick a small travel umbrella that you can easily fit into your bag.


Nantucket can get extremely hot in the summer. If you are from a cold region, you may need a decent supply of antiperspirant and deo to beat this island’s sweaty but fun afternoons.

Snacks to Get You By

It would be wise to pack snacks you fancy, as you may fail to get them in Nantucket. Considering you are visiting the island during summer, the population is high, and some utilities may get depleted. At times, the snack may not have reached Nantucket stores. Pack them and avoid any disappointments.

A Camera

Nantucket is full of many sights that you should capture for memories. You can bring your camera along to take snaps of the coast, the lighthouses, nature, and the amazing times. If your phone has a good quality camera, the better, as it saves you from carrying heavy luggage.

Of Course, a Bag

You cannot miss a bag when traveling. Besides your traveling bag, have a small backpack where you can carry some essentials when moving around the town or the beach. Get a durable bag that will also have your back for other trips.

Final Word

Summer is not the time to stay indoors. Pack your bags and explore the amazing things Nantucket has in store for you. Above are the essentials to have when moving to Nantucket for the summer. Also, make the necessary arrangements before moving to Nantucket for an uninterrupted leisure time.