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Questions Every Pet Parent Should Ask When Looking to Board

The holidays are here and if your doggo can’t tag along on your travels, boarding may be for you!

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Ask any dog parent and they’ll tell you their pup is an extension of them, and they’ll settle for nothing less than the best to ensure their little ones are healthy and happy! For dog owners the holidays can be a challenge, whether you’re travelling to visit the family or fleeing the cold with a holiday in the sun, travelling with your pet doesn’t always work. This year, if your plans can’t include your dog, boarding them somewhere where they will be well taken care of and have a blast is the next best thing.

Dogtopia, North America’s premier doggie daycare and boarding provider, has put together a list of 5 questions to ask when choosing the right boarding facility for your pup.

Is the facility clean and sanitary?

One of the obvious things to consider when looking for the perfect boarding facility for your pup is cleanliness. Not only is it important for your doggie’s caregiver to show a good pet-safe sanitation routine by eliminating any unpleasant odours, but it’s crucial the facility takes active precautions to ensure illnesses and bacteria don’t spread from dog to dog. Ask to take a tour of the facility if they don’t offer, the lobby should be as spotless as the rest of the facility.

Are evaluations and vaccinations required?

Often overlooked when searching for long-term doggie care, a proper evaluation process is something every dog parent will want to ensure their boarding facility has in place for each new dog entering the facility. This is to ensure your doggo is safe from high-risk, aggressive dogs or ones who might be carrying a transferable illness or disease. Doggie daycares like Dogtopia give each new dog a 3-step evaluation that works to address your dog’s sensitivities, comfort levels and interactions with other dogs. Here healthy activity and interaction are encouraged, with both daycare and boarding dogs free to play all day in an open space, providing a more natural experience for your dog compared  to an hourly rotation at most boarding facilities— be sure to ask what the daily schedule look like.

Is the facility safe and spacious?

Safe space is of, course, one of the most important things to check off your list when weighing your boarding options. You’ll want to ensure there’s enough room for your pal to be able to roam freely and play with others, while also guaranteeing they’ll be able to relax and enjoy some alone time after a long day of activity. Added features like non-porous compressed rubber flooring are also something you’ll want to look out for as this will give dog hours of playtime without any stress on their joints and pads and is scent resistant and easily sanitized to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria.  

What are the staffing hours?

Knowing your dog is key for this one—consider if your pup requires a boarding facility that offers 24-hour staffing. Though this is something that can be a little more challenging to find, there are select pet care facilities that offer this. At the very least you’ll want to ensure the facility you choose has a supreme security system. For the select Dogtopia’s that do not offer 24-hour staffing, pet parents can rest easy knowing motion sensors along with indoor and outdoor security cameras are working to ensure extra safety and visibility across the entire premises. And, if you’re missing your dog, pop in from afar and watch them play on the live webcam feeds. Full transparency is essential so you have peace of mind while you’re away, you can always check in on your pup from wherever your holiday travels take you to ensure they’re having fun.

Can my dog enjoy a little pampering?

On-site grooming doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker while on your search for the perfect facility, however, it is a nice feature pet parents often take advantage of. Just like a day at the salon would have you feeling fresh and fabulous, your doggo deserves the same! Boarding facilities like Dogtopia are staffed with a groomer and full facility so while you’re away on vacation living your best life, your pet pal can enjoy services like spa baths, a fresh brush out, an ear and teeth cleaning and a nail trim.


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