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Quick Packing Tips to Move Out Easily

Quick Packing Tips

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, you probably found yourself a new home. Now the next step is to prepare to pack up all your furniture and do it so with minimum anxiety. It’s time for us to declutter and simplify our lives. Here are some of the greatest tips to pack quickly within a small budget and stay organized.

Joys of Decluttering

First things first, start your journey of getting rid of all the belongings that you wish to get rid of. You should do so at least two weeks before moving if possible as you will need to call down a dumpster rental company for all your big bulky items.

To best keep this organized, sort the goods you wish to discard into three segments: sell, donate and trash. If your belongings are in good condition, sell them online or donate it. For those that cannot be reused, throw them away.

Last On First Off Rule

After getting rid of your old unwanted goods, it’s time to manage the items that you are bringing to your new home. Think of a list of items that you will need to find easily. These items should go on the moving truck last so that they can be found with ease during the unloading process.

Don’t Pack Everything

Some items hold great importance or sentimental value such as financial documents and family photos. These may be some items that you don’t want to be packed into the moving truck. Several moving companies may disallow hazardous or perishable items, so do some homework with regards to what can be allowed. Allocate an area such as a specific room to place the things that you want to keep and ensure that the people that are helping you move know not to load any of these items.

Know What To Pack First

Be systematic in your packing by packing the least used rooms in your household first such as your storage room before moving onto the common areas like your bathrooms. This allows you to minimize any disruptions in your daily life.

Be Organised: Pack Room by Room

While it may be a chore to pack up difficult items like jewelry, try not to leave those items lying around to pack for later. Pack up your items in a room completely before moving onto the next. This makes things a lot easier when gauging your progress and helps you avoid any last-minute packing of difficult items. It is also a lot more satisfying seeing each room packed one at a time.

Quick Packing Tips

Be Careful with Your Fragile Items

Plates, glasses, and bottles deserve every bit of your attention due to their fragile nature. Wrap each item individually and cushion the top and base of the box with some towels. It may also be a good idea to stack your dishes vertically. Lastly, mark the boxes that are fragile to notify movers to be extra careful when carrying it around.

For any liquids such as soaps or liquid detergent, use plastic wraps to cover the mouth of the container before replacing the lid. This prevents any potential leaks if the containers fall over or tilt.

Pack Your Clothes

There are several ways to pack your clothes. If you have some funds to spare, purchase some wardrobe boxes. They should cost roughly $10 to $20 per box and come with bars for the convenience of moving it directly from your wardrobe.

For those with a smaller budget, opt for trash bags as containers instead. The trick is to place your clothes into the trash bags while they are still hanging from the closet, then tie the trash bag off with the hook of the hanger pointing out.

Hire Professional Movers

While professional movers may be pricey, it will definitely save you when you have to move out in a tight deadline. Many moving companies do provide the whole package that includes helping you box up all your belongings which can definitely save you a lot of effort in a short amount of time. With denver movers, they can help you do the job quickly and efficiently.

Consider Other Alternatives for Transportation

One example of items that require transportation alternatives is books. Books tend to be heavy and utilizing professional movers may not be the cheapest option as they charge their service by weight. If you do have a good amount of books, consider shipping them through the U.S. Post Office (USPS) as Media Mail. It’s always a good idea to compare the prices between your alternatives and select the most optimal one for you.

Leave The Items Where They Are

Small items such as cutleries and lightweight make-up products may be rather troublesome to move. Use some plastic to wrap the tops of the drawers to prevent your items from shifting about when transporting your drawers. Heavy-duty stretch wrap can also help you keep your drawers shut when you wrap them up.

Keep Downsizing

While it’s important to create a discard list in the beginning, feel free to get rid of more items or even create a new pile of things to donate or throw away during the process. You’ll start to see many other things that you don’t really need anymore.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can also invite your friends to come over to your place to help with the packing and encourage them to keep any of your old but usable items that they may want.

Packing Inventory

During your packing process, label each box and record down what is in it in your notebook. When you are unloading the boxes on the moving truck, check off the boxes on your notebook. This makes things a lot more organized and allows you to find out what’s missing easily in case you need to notify your professional movers. You can also use the labels to help you identify what needs to be unpacked first upon your arrival to your new home.

Quick Packing Tips

Envision Your New House

Lastly, don’t think of packing your old house but your new one. This especially helps when you are familiar with knowing the floor plan and layout of your new home. Label your boxes with the intention of where they will be instead of where they came from. This significantly helps with the unpacking process and ensuring the boxes end up in the right rooms of your new home.

We hope these packing tips were helpful to you. Moving anywhere can be a hassle even if you’re just moving a few streets away from your current home. But as long as you prepare for the move adequately before the day comes, you’ll probably do just fine.


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