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READ Now – DRIFT Travel Magazine Spring 2022

Dive into the latest issue of DRIFT Travel Magazine for a global journey that touches every corner of the traveler’s heart. From the lush, rolling fairways of Les Bordes in France’s Loire Valley, designed to challenge and delight golf enthusiasts, to the inviting spirit of Hawaii, where community and connection reign supreme, this issue is a mosaic of captivating destinations. Embark on a scenic photographic tour through Belgium’s quaint cities and verdant countryside, offering a visual feast of its unique charm. Indulge in the elegance of afternoon tea at ten spectacular global locales, each offering its own twist on this cherished tradition. Adventure seekers will revel in a thrilling cycling expedition across New Zealand, from the vibrant North Island to the icy wonders of the South Island’s glaciers. For the more unconventional, explore Nevada’s bizarre attractions, starting from alien research to the weirdest secrets hidden in its deserts. The issue also highlights America’s great state parks, offering a glimpse into the natural wonders spanning 18 million acres. Plus, immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Old Havana’s cigar and cocktail trail and stay ahead with the latest in travel gear. This issue of DRIFT is not just a magazine; it’s a gateway to the world’s most awe-inspiring experiences.