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Reasons to contact an agent when buying a property in Phuket

Kata Noi Beach, Karon, Mueang, Phuket, Thailand
Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis

The selection of property for sale in Phuket is an exciting process for which buyers should prepare well. If you decide to invest, protect your savings from depreciation, try yourself in a new business, then investing in real estate in Thailand is definitely a worthwhile option. Making the wrong decision can lead to a lot of problems that no one would want to face. Therefore, the services of real estate agencies are in great demand. 

Qualified specialists with experience in the local real estate market take care of the interests of the buyer and do everything to ensure that the transaction is concluded on the most favorable terms. Below there are four reasons to use the agency’s services when choosing a property.

The agent is familiar with the market situation and the area

Which areas of Phuket are suitable for moving a married couple with children, and which for profitable investments in rental real estate? It is not easy to find answers to such questions, especially for foreigners who are not familiar with the city. Ultimately, the choice should depend on the lifestyle and goals of the potential buyer.

When choosing a property on the island, of course, ideally personally check the quality of a villa, house or apartment. But being not on the island, you physically will not be able to deal with this issue independently, therefore, what someone else should do for you. Agents are always aware of local market trends. They have the knowledge necessary to achieve the best results from the purchase, and they will be happy to share them, because satisfied customers are the best advertisement for their services. 

The agent is familiar with the pricing features

Due to the knowledge of Phuket market trends and experience in negotiations and transactions related to real estate, the agent can advise his client in detail and explain whether the price requested by the seller is fair. Working hand in hand with a specialist, the buyer will never overpay for the property he has chosen.

The real estate market requires constant study, and the process of selling and renting it has its own nuances and patterns. Naturally, you can spend time, get into the state of things and even achieve certain results. But is it worth it if you need to make a one-time deal? It is much more effective to seek advice from knowledgeable specialists who will outline the situation for you, identify prospects and provide full support at all stages of the process.

This is especially true for those who are planning to purchase real estate at the construction stage. A qualified agent who has worked in the local market for enough time could already have experience of cooperation with the chosen developer. Therefore, the agent will tell the client whether to rely on.

The agent has experience working with purchase and sale agreements

Even if a potential buyer has experience in concluding real estate contracts in his country, in Thailand they may be based on completely different legal and financial conditions. In most cases, a competent agent has worked with purchase and sale contracts many times and has experience in conducting transactions in the Land Administration. 

A real estate agent is a filter of buying emotions

For most buyers, the selection of real estate is an extremely emotional process. Since agents approach the analysis of specific properties impartially, they can deter the client from making a rash decision. Despite the fact that buyers ultimately make the choice, experts always insist on weighing the pros and cons several times.

How to choose a good real estate agency in Phuket

Competent real estate agents with many years of experience will know the necessary subtleties that will help sell a property at a bargain price. They take into account all the factors of this issue: from the right time to sell to current market trends. But before deciding to cooperate with the agency, pay attention to the following factors:

  • the agency’s catalog should have a wide selection of real estate from different developers;
  • agents must accompany their clients at all stages of the transaction, from the selection of the property to the signing of the contract with a notary;
  • the agency’s team must guarantee the complete security of the transaction and undertake the verification of documentation.

All the factors listed above correspond to Thailand-Real.Estate. Contact the agency staff directly to get closer to buying a dream home in sunny Phuket. They have all the necessary knowledge and can tell which areas bring the highest ROI to owners.