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Ridley Scott’s film “The Last Duel” shot in the beautiful Monpazier, France

Step into the World of Ridley Scott’s new Film: The Last Duel The Town of Monpazier, France Offers the Perfect Setting

Monpazier Flower Market, Dordogne France
Monpazier Flower Market, Dordogne France

The success of the musical Hamilton created renewed interest in the duel: the gentleman’s code of honour reflected in “man to man” combat that for centuries was relied on to settle issues of insult or other differences. What seems to the modern mind a bizarre practice provides the narrative for Ridley Scott’s latest film, The Last Duel, starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It is an historical drama based on the book by Eric Jager that tells the story of the last legal duel allowed in France which took place in 1386.

Filming was done in the bastide town of Monpazier, in the Dordogne Region of France, which served as the setting of the 14th century market square. Monpazier, one of the most beautiful towns in all of France, was founded in 1284 by Edward I of England. Its medieval centre is still preserved almost completely intact, reflecting life as it was 600 years ago. The arcades around the edge of the square are still present, as is the market hall (complete with weighing and measuring apparatus!).

Other local sites providing historic colour in the film are the castle of Beynac as well as the small town of Sainte Mondane. A military camp was recreated in the park around the castle of Fenelon. 

Visitors don’t have to wait for the film release to experience this colourful region of France. Home to the prehistoric Lascaux Caves, the past is never far away in this stunning area. With its wonderful food traditions, The Dordogne is already well-known for its lush river landscapes, Bergerac wines, and foie gras.  

Le Mas & Le Mazet, a 16th-century farmhouse and its adjacent cottage are wonderful jumping off points for exploring the area and the locations used in the filming of The Last Duel. Located just 10 minutes from Monpazier, Le Mas was recognized as The Times’ 50 best holidays in France for 2019, With five bedrooms, Le Mas is ideal for multi-generational families, or groups of friends. And for a romantic get-away the charming Le Mazet is a delightful way for couples to escape. Your hosts will be happy to make you an itinerary for visiting the film locations, and advise on what else there is to do and explore in the Dordogne. They can also arrange for a private chef, pilates and yoga sessions, massages and wine-tasting at the property.


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