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Road Trip Essentials

Canadain road trip

Few varieties of holidays can offer the unique combination of freedom and adventure that you get on a well-planned road trip. A poorly planned road trip, by contrast, can be disastrous!

When you’re packing for the trip, it’s a good idea to compose a checklist and to tick off the supplies as you pack them. This way, you’ll be prepared for every conceivable eventuality. If something goes wrong, you’ll be able to act quickly and decisively, and get your trip back on track!

By making your own list, rather than following an online template, you’ll be sure that your particular needs are covered. But there are certain items that just about every road-tripper will want to pack.

The vehicle

Of course, if you don’t have a roadworthy vehicle, your road trip is unlikely to go well. This concern is especially pressing if your vehicle happens to double as your accommodation.

Make sure that your tyres are adequately inflated, and that you’re insured. If you have multiple drivers on the trip, you might share driving duties with the help of the right multi-car insurance policy. Make sure that the relevant documents are packed and ready to present.


Having an emergency supply of toiletries to hand will ensure that everyone looks and smells their best. Don’t just consider toothbrushes and deodorant. Sunscreen and body wipes can make a big difference to your enjoyment of the trip, especially if you’re travelling during summer.


If you happen to be sharing the car with small children, then it’s a good idea to plan some in-car entertainment in advance. If you’ve planned your trip really well, then you’ll have a stopping-off point to target, too, so that you aren’t sat behind the wheel for long stretches.

In-car entertainment might come in the form of a tablet computer or an audiobook. You might also play a game as a group. It’s a wonderful way to bond, and it’ll make the trip fly by – even if you’re stuck on a motorway for hours on end with nothing interesting to look at.

Food and drink

Emergency supplies are essential, and among the most essential of these are small items of food and drink. These will tide you over during the trip, and ensure that the kids aren’t being made miserable by hunger pangs. During hot weather, hydration is critical!

Of course, you might also pack more traditional groceries. This will help you to limit your spending at your destination, and ultimately drive down the cost of your break. If you manage to save enough, then you’ll be able to put the savings toward a big meal out for everyone to enjoy!