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Saba, the hidden Caribbean island that checks all boxes for 2023’s top travel trends

Answering the increasing demand for travelers in search of off-the-grid, eco-friendly destinations is the tiny, but mighty, Dutch Caribbean island of Saba. Playing into its serene nature and under-the-radar location, the island invites guests to #FindYourselfInSaba. With only 2,000 residents, a singular road, dozens of impeccable hiking trails, lush greenery, and quiet, wide-open spaces, #FindYourselfInSaba sets the stage for guests to break away from reality, while simultaneously putting a playful twist on the island’s commonly unknown location.

Travelers hoping to “find themselves” in Saba in 2023 can enjoy unique happenings throughout the year, including:

  • Arts & Crafts Fair (every month)
  • Create & Learn Artist Program (February, March, April, June, August & September)
  • Jazzy Sundays at Harry L. Johnson Museum (June & November)
  • Saba Culinary Week (May & September) Summer Festival / Carnival (July)
  • Sea & Learn (month of October) Saba Lobster Fest (first week of November)
  • Saba Day (first Friday in December)
  • Sea to Scenery Run (first Saturday in December)
  • Wahoo Tournament & Food Fest (first week of December)

As the peak of a dormant volcano that pokes out from the ocean below, the five-square-mile  Dutch Caribbean island is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of its neighboring islands in the northeast Caribbean. Though, unlike its neighbors, beaches are not the main draw in Saba; and the best offerings can be found above- and below-water instead.

On-land, hiking aficionados and beginners alike can enjoy 20 diverse hiking trails; while aviation enthusiasts experience the shortest commercial runway in the world; art connoisseurs can immerse themselves in glass-blowing, art or textile workshops; or eco-tourists can also admire the expansive solar panel fields that provide power to the entire island for eight to ten hours each day – an impressive feat that Saba completed in 2019, paving the way for renewable energy in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile under the sea, Saba plunges below as steeply as it rises above. Thirty protected dive sites are found closely off-shore, including “The Needle” – a renowned dive site amongst the advanced diving community. Divers are required to go out to sea with the local licensed dive center; but in true Saban fashion, there is only one harbor on the island and three dive boats.

“Saba has previously only been known to steadfast hikers and divers; but as more travelers yearn for unique destinations that boast a variety of wellness, adventure, boutique and eco-friendly options, to name a few – we’d love to welcome them and show that our little island is so much more than meets the eye,” said Malinda Hassell, Saba’s Director of Tourism. “We’re excited to see travelers ‘find themselves’ in Saba, and hope to spread word of our beloved, spectacular island one visitor at a time.”

Travelers can fly to Saba from St. Maarten in less than 12 minutes with WinAir or enjoy a scenic 90-minute ferry ride via the Edge or Makana Ferry. The Makana Ferry also offers service from St. Eustatius and St. Kitts.

Visitors can share their amazing Saban experiences by tagging @SabaTouristBureau and #FindYourselfInSaba.