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Sailing: Especially for non-sailors, give the gift of a sailing vacation

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Windward, leeward, jib, and jibe. This may all sound like gibberish to non-sailors, but that doesn’t mean a sailing vacation is off the table. Dream Yacht Worldwide, a leading sea-based vacation and global yacht charter company, is on a mission to make sailing trips accessible and as easy as possible for all. And what better way to jump right in to a sailing vacation than with a winter escape or sharing the gift of a sailing trip this holiday season?

In addition to the opportunity of chartering a private boat with family and friends, sailing and yacht vacations allow travelers the opportunity to have several experiences in one trip, plus the ability to access smaller ports that larger cruise lines and planes cannot always enter. Dream Yacht vacations also offer the opportunity for local, immersive experiences; off-shore excursions and new discoveries; watersports and group tours and activities; plus, plenty of days relaxing on the water. Travelers have the freedom to plan itineraries based on personal preferences and interests. The best part? You only have to unpack your bags once.

For the person who has it all, consider giving the gift of a Dream Yacht Worldwide sailing experience this holiday season. Here are some of the many DYW global sailing options for the traveler who already has it all.

Ring in the New Year in the Caribbean: Always a popular choice for a winter escape, Dream Yacht is offering several ways to welcome 2024 in the beautiful Caribbean for a truly magical experience. The island-planned celebrations often feature beach parties, lively music, and spectacular fireworks displays that illuminate the night sky over the crystal-clear waters. With the backdrop of palm-fringed beaches and the soothing sound of the ocean, celebrating New Year’s in the Caribbean is a unique and unforgettable way to welcome the year ahead. While Dream Yacht offers several warm-weather vacation options in the Caribbean, here are 3 of the company’s recommended cruising experiences to ring in the new year: British Virgin Islands ; U.S. Virgin Islands; and St. Martin.

Take advantage of an “Easy Crewed” option: For travelers who have always wanted to try a sailing vacation but lack sailing experience, or even the time to plan, Dream Yacht Worldwide’s Easy Crewed Charter is the ideal option and a great way to celebrate holidays with family and friends. Step on board a private yacht with up to ten family members or friends and experience a fantastic week of sailing from DYW’s bases in Greece, Croatia, the British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Tahiti, or the Seychelles. On board, travelers find comfortable private cabins with ensuite baths, plus spacious areas for dining and lounging. Travelers have everything they need for the ready-made escape, including an experienced skipper and an optional host/ess with full or half board meals. Skippers whisk guests away to the best hidden coves, islands and seaside villages, while on land travelers can to hire a car or scooter to explore even more.

Not ready for the whole boat? Consider a Cabin Cruise. As pioneers in the industry, Dream Yacht was one of the first to develop the Cabin Cruise concept. It’s an ideal choice for solo or couples travelers seeking relaxed adventure, exotic destinations, and unique local cultures in an intimate, social setting – in comfort at sea. DYW offers cabin cruises in destinations across the globe. Dream Yacht is currently offering special savings on select cabin cruises including trips to Polynesia, Seychelles, St. Martin and more.