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Santa Anita Park: 5 Travelling Tips For Visitors

Santa Anita Track
Photo by: By Rennett Stowe, Santa Anita Track

The eyes of the world will be on Santa Anita later this year, as the famous track in California will play host to the 2023 Breeders’ Cup. Some of the biggest equine stars from around the world will be pointed toward the lucrative event, with some of the biggest purses in the world of horse racing on offer.

It promises to be a huge event, and a likely record-breaking crowd will be in attendance at Santa Anita Park this year. You can find more about the Breeders’ Cup 2023: latest news, videos & notes here.

Still, if you’re attending a day at the track for the first time, what tips must you follow to ensure that you have the best possible experience?

Getting To The Track

The majority of visitors that will be attending the Breeders’ Cup this year will opt to stay in Los Angeles. The California city isn’t short on accommodation options, making it the go-to place to stay. Visitors stopping in the city can use a variety of methods to get to the track, with the most popular being the bus.

Racegoers can get either the 70 or 76 bus to get out of the city, before then hopping onto the bus numbered 287. In total, the journey will take an hour and a half. Failing that, visitors can also purchase car parking at the track and drive 21 minutes from the middle of Los Angeles to Santa Anita Park.

Purchase Tickets In Advance

It goes without saying that the Breeders’ Cup is one of the biggest events on the horse racing calendar, which means tickets for the event will be sold out on the day. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, fans should book their tickets well in advance.

However, if you’re looking to attend the opening day of the Breeders’ Cup, there may still be select tickets still available before the opening race on the Friday. But, the Championship day of racing is likely to sell out before the start of November.

Take Sun Cream

The fact that the Breeders’ Cup is back in California this year should be taken into account by all those that are attending the racing. It will be a hotter climate than Keeneland in 2022, meaning that all visitors will be encouraged to dress for the warmer weather to ensure that they are comfortable at Santa Anita.

That includes taking sun cream to the track. Temperatures at the track could reach highs of 23 degrees at the start of November, while the low could be 15 degrees. Therefore, keeping safe in the sun is a key factor behind ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience. 

Research Races

The Breeders’ Cup is unlike any other horse racing event on the calendar, as it pits international fields against each other with some of the biggest purses on offer.

Therefore, it is key for all visitors to research all the potential runners that will be lining up in the races before making wagers. This is especially the case when it comes to the European and Japanese contenders, as few American fans would have had the opportunity to see the international rivals in action in-person in North America. 

Take In The History

Santa Anita is one of the most beautiful race tracks in the world, meaning that all visitors should take in the sights of the track throughout the day. That includes enjoying the 1930s elegance that Santa Anita has to offer, with the scenic backdrops of mountains and palm trees being excellent photo opportunities for visitors attending for the first time.

There is nothing like a day at Santa Anita, meaning that all visitors should take in the track as a whole as well as the racing taking place on the dirt and turf.