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Selection Of Campsites & Tips For Wildlife Watchers

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities and is considered as the weekend getaway for many people. However, it is important to choose a campsite to ensure that you have a peaceful night without much of tossing and turning out of fear.

Established Sites

If you choose to camp at established sites, stay at the area designated for camping. Do not go further at the surface which may be already impacted. Keep the sites clean by leaving no rubbish. Do some good deeds by picking up trash items left by others. By doing so, you may inspire other campers to pick up rubbish as well.

Stealth Campsites

When you decide not to camp at established sites and choose stealth campsites instead, keep certain points in mind. Don’t leave behind any trace and make fires only during an emergency. Do not uproot plants or break off branches to create some shelter space. Before leaving, clean the shelter and remove any imprint.

Factors To Consider In A Campsite

The campsite should be well-drained as it is not a good feeling when you wake up in a puddle in the night. It is better to camp under bigger trees as there is less dew. However, look for any dead branches which may be hung overhead and do avoid them. Some people try to camp on a slope. When you sleep with your feet on your pack and point your head downhill, it reduces swelling caused after a hectic day. If you camp in the bug season, choose a place that has good exposure to the wind.

Places To Avoid

Avoid camping during depressions as the area is mostly flooded or waterlogged due to excessive rains. When you camp in a gorge, check the weather conditions and form camp on the highest level of flood. The reason being, the flash floods tend to move rapidly. Try to keep walking and choose another location for camping if there is any chance of rains. Hilltops or exposed ridges must be avoided especially if the area has experienced storms frequently.

Tips For A Wildlife Watcher

Patience, knowledge, respect and adaptability, when combined together, makes one a successful watcher of wildlife.


There is no harm in observing wildlife. However, one should do it without causing any disturbance. When you notice behavioural changes in an animal due to your presence, it’s a sign that you may be too close. Besides, it’s good to have a fair knowledge on animal behaviour and carry the best bowie knife for self-defence. Every animal acts differently and hence it is good to be prepared beforehand.

Patience Is The Key

The ideal time to view the wildlife is mostly in the morning, late afternoon or early evening. There are good chances to capture wildlife moments when you find a spot, sit down and wait. Patience is all it takes if you want to participate in the scenery and cause less threat to your life.

Direction Of The Wind

There is no denying that animals have a great sense of smell compared to humans. They can smell you more often before they see or hear you. You can enhance your chances to view wildlife when you approach through an upwind route.

When you are camping in a location in the presence of active hunters, wear vibrant coloured clothing. Reduce your visual impact by choosing clothes with neutral shades to blend in perfectly in the surroundings. Avoid feeding animals or leaving food leftovers behind. Regardless of the camping site you choose, learn to safeguard your belongings especially food and carry canisters, zip lock bags, and odour-free bags. 


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