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Shift Shopping For Travellers: What You Need to Know

Shift shopping is the act of purchasing products from the shift shop or store. Shift is a shopping and home delivery platform. The shop delivers once per week and offers cheap subscriptions starting from €8. Shift shopping connects buyers from a wide range of stores in the UK. The company delivers to a wide range of locations in the UK including Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and Liverpool.

Shift shopping for travellers

As a traveller, you would benefit significantly from shopping on Shift because it allows you to access all the best stores without visiting them physically. The platform will enable you to access some of the best stores and all that they have to offer. In addition to this, Shift shopping also provides the benefits below;

Guaranteed weekly deliveries – shift shop works hard to ensure that clients receive their orders as soon as possible. The deliveries are made weekly. The delivery team is professional and carefully selected. The delivery team also doubles up as the shopping crew.

Contact-free delivery – it is the kind of delivery where you do not have to be home to sign for and receive your order. This means that you can make an order while on vacation, and the product will be delivered to your mailbox. Your order can also arrive while you are working.

No minimum or maximum order – with a shift shop, there is no limit to the order value that can get delivered to you. This means that you can have a single product delivered or as many products as you wish.

Freedom to cancel at any time – shift shop also allows you to cancel orders anytime because there are no contracts involved. All cancellations on shift shopping are free as long as they are not done after the delivery person is en route.

Fast first delivery – for your first delivery, the shift shop delivers within 48 hours. Other deliveries may take up to one week, depending on the location.

It is also worth noting that the company offers clients a personalized order dashboard. It is through the dashboard that you can manage your orders and cancel some if you need to. The dashboard, as well as the rest of the website, is easy to navigate.

How does shift shopping work?

The process of shopping on Shift is quite effortless. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps;

Create an account – all you have to do is access the official shift website and click on the subscribe button. After clicking, you will have to complete a signup process. The process is as simple as entering the required information, then clicking continue. From there, you can start shopping.

Create a wish list – once your account is up and running, you can go ahead and write a wish list online. The site provides you with a personal dashboard on which you can select from any store available in your location. From food to clothes, there is so much from which you can choose. After creating the list, you also have to select an ideal delivery time.

Let shift shoppers shop for you – after you have created your wishlist, the shift network selects one of their thousands of shoppers to shop for you. The shopper will get assigned your wishlist and is in charge of making it come true.

Payment – once the shopping process is complete, the store will require payment before deliveries are made. You can pay using your credit or debit card. Through their partnership with Stripe, the store keeps a record of your card details so that you do not have to keep entering the details all the time. You can also enter your card details when signing up. Before you make a payment, you have to authorize the items selected by your shift shopper. Note that depending on your subscription, your card will be charged weekly.

Wait for your delivery – at the shift shop, your shopper also acts as your delivery personnel. The delivery is done at your convenience. You also have the freedom to request for contactless delivery.


Shift shopping is quite effortless and convenient. It is the best way to shop through a wide range of stores without necessarily cancelling your travel plans.


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