Norway has long been a renowned destination for marvelling at the natural wonders of its dramatic landscapes and rich marine life. Whales can be seen in the winter months from November through to the end of March in several regions including Andøya, Senja, Skjervøy, Alta and Tromsø.  Tromsø is known as a springboard to see whales and the Northern Lights.  Northern Norway is one of the best places in the world to see killer whales in their rightful habitat – the wild.

Admiring the sights of majestic cetaceans are something many travellers aspire to experience. Norway offers an opportunity to see humpbacks, minke, sperm whales and orcas from the fjord region, a couple of hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. Porpoises and many birds can also be seen, so all nature lovers will be satisfied.

Whale watching is usually part of a wider Norwegian journey and Bespoke travel operator Up Norway offers a handful of mesmerizing excursions to see whales, from a half-day trip out to three-day trip-of-a-lifetime outing incorporating both bucket list items, whales and the Northern Lights.

Whales, Fjord and Northern Lights

Experience a unique expedition to the island of Senja where wildlife and breath-taking nature awaits. Senja is Norway’s second largest island located 69 degrees North, which makes it an ideal place to experience the Northern Lights and also the Midnight Sun. Local hosts invite you to play an active role in this exclusive and personal experience. Wake up to stunning coastal landscape and wildlife right outside the door. Learn about Nordic culture, history and heritage and get really close to nature. The expedition starts from Tromsø in the morning. In November to January, you will step onboard a large catamaran and head towards Skjervøy island; where the mighty humpback whales and orcas enter the fjords for feeding. A whale or wildlife safari is also a highlight on this journey with A plan for the day of active adventure. A zodiac boat heads out to spot local wildlife; when whales are not in the nearby fjords, whale watching is replaced by a wildlife safari to see seals, white-tailed eagles, moose and reindeer. You will be taken you to the perfect spots for Arctic and Northern Lights, and receive informative insights on whales, the Lights, Arctic cod and the history of Senja.


  • Whale safari (Tromsø, Nov-Jan) / Dog sledding (Feb-March); Northern lights, wildlife fjord safari and sightseeing on Scenic Route Senja
  • Full board lodge stay, all transportation on Senja, local guide and lectures
  • Express boat Tromsø – Senja (Finnsnes)
  • Up Norway services and digital travel guide

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Silent Whale Watching on A State-Of-The-Art Electric Catamaran

The silent electric catamaran ‘Brim’ allows a close encounter without disturbing the whales. Experience humpbacks and orcas through an underwater drone and hydrophone which capture images and sounds both above and below the surface.

Built specifically for discovering Arctic Norway, Brim offers comfortable, stable, silent and emission-free sailing with uninhibited views from multilevel indoor and outdoor decks. From the boat, guests will see humpbacks and orcas, and there is a chance of spotting sea eagles and porpoises. This trip offers a below-the-surface view of feeding whales and truly spectacular landscape including the Lyngen Alps.


  • 6-8 hours environmentally and animal-friendly whale watching cruise
  • Scandinavian and English guides
  • Up Norway Services and Digital Travel Guide
  • Best time visit – November to February

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