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Sofitel Mexico City Reforma Brings French “Art De Vivre” to Mexico City

As part of the grand opening of the first luxury property in Mexico City in a decade, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma unveiled culturally inspired street art created by renowned Mexican artists throughout the city. Accor looks to convey the fusion of the brand’s French influences and Mexican traditions through artistic expression surrounding the opening.

Faithful to the Sofitel style of creatively combining the essence of the countries in which it operates with their French values and traditions, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma tapped into renowned street artists for the project in the Roma, Hipódromo Condesa and Juárez neighborhoods surrounding the hotel where you can observe this fusion of French and Mexican cultures.

The murals are inspired by Sofitel’s brand pillars – Art and Culture, Indulgent Wellbeing, Authentic Gastronomy and Chic Design – aesthetically fused with symbols and references of Mexican culture through the lens of each artist, Ely Ely, Eva Bracamontes, Lelo and Senkoe.

One of the pillars of the Sofitel brand is art, and all our properties around the world serve as champions of the local and global art scene. Sofitel Mexico City Reforma is no exception, seeking to highlight our arrival in the capital and be a platform for the promotion and development of culture and art with the help of talented artists,” said Sylvain Chauvet, General Manager, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma.

With the intention of promoting the “Live the French Way” campaign, the promise that pays homage to the brand’s French origin, Sofitel Mexico City Reforma opted to offer locals and tourists art that showcases the eternal charm of French style while strengthening its position as the ambassador brand of French art de vivre worldwide.

Ely Ely, a Mexican designer and illustrator, created a large-format illustration that proposes a harmonious and elegant composition with forms that subtly take references from Mexico and France in which the main character reflects a deep enjoyment of both places, alluding to the pleasure of traveling.


Eva Bracamontes, Mexican illustrator, in her piece reflects one of the main focal points of her work, which is women. This piece features a Mexican and a French woman, who, ornamented with elements and symbols of each country, share a space in which they refer synergies of both cultures, thus reinforcing the essence of cultural fusion promoted by Sofitel.

Senkoe, a Mexican artist with a pre-Hispanic style, was inspired by the design and cuisine elements of Sofitel. The mural’s main character dresses in black referencing French fashion trends, crowned with colorful Mexican flowers and surrounded by French macaroni and baguettes, thus capturing symbolic elements of both France and Mexico.

Finally, Lelo, a Mexican urban artist, developed a surrealist piece that alludes to the pillar of indulgent wellness of Sofitel. It shows a face, half female and half male, that raises awareness of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and incorporates elements of gastronomy and culture of both countries.

In addition to celebrating local art, the project will serve as a reminder not only of the arrival of Sofitel Mexico City Reform to the City, but also of the close connection it has with the community in which it operates. The murals are available now through March 12, 2020.


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