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Who is Ready for a Spa-cation in Anguilla???

After so many months of pandemic life, aren’t you ready to explore the Caribbean once again…and the idyllic island of Anguilla should be top of mind! Anguilla is home to some of the most stunning beaches and crystal blue waters, making the destination a great choice to relax and getaway. What better way to embrace beach-side bliss than by treating yourself to a sublime spa day in one of Anguilla’s many world-class facilities? So sit down, put your feet up and listen as we outline some of the best spas on the island!  

Zemi Beach House, LXR Hotels & Resorts – Thai House Spa

Thai House Spa, photo courtesy of Zemi Beach House, LXR Hotels & Resorts

One of the most well-known spots for renewal and restoration on the island, Zemi Beach House, LXR Hotels & Resort’s Thai House Spa is a must-visit when staying in Anguilla. The beautiful and ornate boutique hotel has more than 70 rooms and suites, all with an amazing view of the water as the property is located on Shoal Bay East with some of the most immaculate beaches in Anguilla. The Thai House Spa truly lives up to its name: this 300-year-old, authentically Thai building was officially transplanted to Anguilla in the 1980s. The spa was then rebuilt piece by piece until it stood as the marvel it is today. The spa has amazing treatments and features, such as Anguilla’s only Hammam with heated gobek tasi! There are tons of great options to choose from when visiting the spa, for example, the Cucumber and Aloe wrap.  For those not accustomed to the strong Anguillian sun, this body wrap is the perfect option to cool and moisturize your body! For a fuller body experience, the spa offers a journey through ancient Balinese healing. This ancient technique involves the use of fresh spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and coriander. The treatment increases your blood flow, helping to melt away muscle and joint pain. 

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla 

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort and Residences, Anguilla

The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla is another island staple, offering some amazing spa treatments to soothe the body and mind. Located on the western shoreline of Anguilla, the sprawling resort can handle parties of any size. The onsite Spa is renowned for a few signature treatments: first off, there is the Anguilla Salt Scrub, a great way to detoxify your skin with local Anguillian ingredients! There is also the Blue Tranquility treatment, which as you can probably guess, derives its name from the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island. This full-body massage experience will have all your troubles slip away as you enter into a realm of pure bliss.

Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel – Arawak Spa 

The Arawak Spa, photo courtesy of Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel

The Arawak Spa at the Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel is the perfect place for those looking to escape the mundane and take a journey into nature. The property offers guests the chance to achieve inner peace by embracing the beauty that surrounds them. Whether it’s local ingredients, ancient traditions, or the power of the sea, the Arawak Spa is dedicated to helping all who choose to visit. What’s unique about the Arawak Spa is that your experience will change depending on the season of your visit, as the workers harvest the in-season ingredients to create unique treatment options. One popular treatment choice is the Eternal Romance couples massage – 90 magical minutes in which you and your partner enjoy an Anguillian Salt bath and oil massage. Reflexology is another fantastic option, though it is not for the easily tickled! The ancient technique traces its origins to ancient Chinese traditions, believing that you can relieve tensions and improve body circulation by massaging specific areas of your feet! 

Malliouhana, Auberge Resorts Collection – Spa

The Spa, photo courtesy of Malliouhana, Auberge Resorts Collection

The Malliouhana, Auberge Resorts Collection has been the go-to spot for romantics since it opened its doors more than 30 years ago. Where modern luxury meets the beauty of the Caribbean, the Malliouhana provides a premium experience. When visiting the resort, a trip to The Spa is a must as guests will indulge in the finest things Anguilla has to offer! With six elite treatment rooms, a private training facility, and an elegant salon, The Spa at Malliouhana goes above and beyond to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere! The Spa’s “Into the Deep” treatment session deserves special attention: starting with a relaxing foot and hand scrub, a trained masseuse will use oils infused with local herbs to ease all the tension in your body. Ending in a cocoon wrap, this treatment will make you feel more beautiful and radiant than ever before. For a similar yet distinctive body wrap treatment, try the Replenishing Retreat, specially designed for thirsty, parched skin that may have had just a touch too much of the Anguillian sun!

Malakh Day Spa

While all spas mentioned so far boast a fantastic view of the water, the Malakh Day Spa is perhaps in a league of its own with its fabulous beachfront location. A mere few feet from the sea, the spa is located directly on Shoal Bay East. The spa offers tons of options ranging from massages, nail treatments, facials, reflexology, and more! What’s unique about the Malakh Day Spa is that those unable to come to the spa can still enjoy all amenities as the trained staff can come to you through a scheduled service. The Atlantic Body Buff is an excellent choice for those looking to exfoliate their skin after a day at the beach. This ancient method uses crystals to take off all the dead skin, preparing the body to absorb all the healing properties of the minerals in the sea. Finally, the Purifying Stone massage is a great choice for those who have always wanted to try a stone massage. Using dry stones heated from the sun and desert night chilled stone from the rivers of the West, this massage will relieve all the built-up tension in your muscles!