Melderstein, deep in the heart of Swedish Lapland, has now opened its doors to a new travel experience where guests follow in the footsteps of yesteryear, as they journey along the original Iron Ore road to stay at a traditional Swedish manor that was built from the profits of the first mining concession in the region. Here, guests will be hosted by direct descendants of the original owner, Carl-Johan Thingwall, whilst calling the manor your home for the rest of their stay.

Katarina Thingvall, owner of Melderstein and the great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of the Manor’s founder, says; “Not only is this a part of Northern Sweden’s history, but it is our ancestral family home, which makes it a really personal experience for anyone staying. With our family dating back to 1740 in this house alone, we want to now welcome guests from around the world to experience and feel part of this living piece of history.”

Located 12 km from Råneå, in sub-arctic region of Swedish Lapland, Melderstein Manor, a grand traditional Swedish building, was first converted into accommodation for visitors in 1996.

Melderstein twin room

“The manor has 6 generous rooms, which can be used exclusively, or there is plenty of space for guests to join others to experience the history of our family, the building and the region,” says Katarina. “It really is an experience that gives so much, and with the Melderstein Manor you get to see it from one of the region’s most important historical buildings, with my family, whose ancestors helped shape the region into what you see today.”

The new three night experience launched this week by Melderstein costs from £320 on a bed & breakfast basis, and sees guests arrive into the manor along the Iron Ore road by dogsled, before enjoying the chance to meet and dine with Katarina and her father, Göran, to learn more about this fascinating building and family. Available from December to March it can be booked directly through

For more information about the hotel and the new experience visit or to learn more about the region visit


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