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Stuff Your Suitcase with This Traditional Bahamian Fabric

Photos: Courtesy of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation

Are you looking for a unique gift to bring back from The Bahamas? With roughly 700 islands, the souvenir-seeker will find no shortage of tasty rums, compelling carvings, and shiny jewellery. The island of Andros, however, specializes in a certain can’t-miss keepsake that is quintessentially Bahamian. Colorful, patterned, and incredibly soft to the touch, Androsian Batik fabric is more than just a fabulous textile: it’s a reflection of Bahamian heritage.

The headquarters for this handmade cotton fabric on Andros is Androsia: a family-owned workshop with a 50-year pedigree. Part factory, part boutique, Androsia has become one of the foremost tourist destinations on the island. The Birch family, who have now passed down their waxing and dyeing techniques over generations, continue to find inspiration from the Bahamian environment and folklore in their patterning. Blankets, dresses, tablecloths, and more – the beauty of Androsia’s Batik takes many forms. 

The Batik-making process involves skillfully stamping the fabric with a unique design, ensuring that each piece is distinctive. No two creations are ever the same, making each batik genuinely one-of-a-kind. Androsia encourages guests to get in on the tradition with its signature Batik workshop, in which participants will craft their very own 2-yard piece of Batik under the guidance of their expert weavers.

It’s one thing to take a pre-made Batik home with you, but another to make your own bespoke memento. For lovers of all things aesthetic, Androsia’s store also sells clothes, jewelry, and other Bahamian handicrafts. No matter your stylistic preferences, it’s hard to visit Androsia and not bring a piece of The Bahamas home with you.