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Sublime Samana’s Coconut Whispers Spa Features the Coconut (Every Part of it) to Master the Art of Relaxation

Long before the coconut was the latest health food craze and recipes with it were just about everywhere, there was a spa sanctuary that already utilized its every component to deliver treatments that relax, rejuvenate and recharge body, mind and soul.

Sublime Samana Hotel and Residences’ all-natural local spa, Coconut Whispers, is nestled in the tropical jungle near the beach of Playa Cosón, in the Samaná Peninsula of the Dominican Republic. Its soothing and restful setting seamlessly creates the ideal spa experience that touches all the senses and where the aromas, flavors, and textures converge to leave you with an unforgettable memory.

Recognized in 2017 as one of the best spas in the Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America region by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe, a publication for the industry’s enthusiasts and professionals in the area, Coconut Whispers Spa relies its uniqueness in providing a transcendental experience using the most abundant ingredient in the region.

From beginning to end, guests get immersed head-to-toe into the nutritional properties and purifying energies of the tropical fruit. As soon as they enter the calming indoor retreat filled with orchids and rustic décor, they can appreciate the strikingly beautiful floor-to-ceiling woven panels made out of the coconut’s outer shell, which is also used to create exfoliators and other blends. Moreover, the coconut meat is grinded and used for facials and milk baths, among other treatments; and to complete the experience, guests are treated to refreshing chilled coconut water served straight from the young handpicked coconuts to help rehydrate and replenish the body.

New treatments, timeless techniques

Using the ancient techniques of Mesoamericans, the treatments at the Coconut Whispers Spa have been adapted to modern times to unite the body with nature and rebalance it with the energies of the region.

The signature treatment, Coconut Whispers, awakens all five senses, interweaving aromas, tastes and textures to renew body and spirit. First, a coconut salt and herb mix is used to exfoliate the skin, while coconut water is used to soothe it, all while incense is burned in the background to ease the spirit. Then, seawater is used to rinse the guest as they are scrubbed with flowers and herbs that grow in the area. Finally, a coconut oil massage will bring the treatment full circle by destressing the knots within the body.

For the traditional treatment used across Latin America called the Temazcal, the vapor shower is meant to open the pores and release all toxins from the body, symbolizing the purification of the soul. Excreting all the negative energies to relax the body also helps with muscle and joint tension. At the end, the guest is bathed in seawater to placate the soul and cleanse any lasting detriment.

Coconut Whispers Spa’s full menu of rituals includes massages, facials, body wraps, the signature rain massage and coconut milk bath, manicures and pedicures, and more. Treatments are available at the multiple cabins within the jungle haven or with views of the vibrant blue Atlantic Ocean at open aired beach cabins.

For further information visit www.sublimesamana.com.


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