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SXM Gyrocopter:Take a Skybound Voyage in St. Martin

Photo courtesy of SXM Gyrocopter

If you’ve glanced at any of our previous newsletters, you know there’s no shortage of things to see and do in St. Martin, the French Caribbean island (well, half of an island) known for its stunning landscape, inspired cuisine, and exciting excursions. Rather than enumerate these many virtues for you again, we’d like to suggest experiencing the island from an entirely different perspective: that of a bird’s eye view. Soaring above the green hills and azure waters, SXM Gyrocopter empowers you to take your vacation sightseeing to new heights – quite literally!

SXM Gyrocopter has been operating tours in their crimson, two-seater aircraft out of Grand Case Airport for years, making this activity incredibly accessible. With multiple tours around the island’s most desirable vistas on offer, SXM has a tour sure to leave you speechless. If we’ve convinced you to take to the skies and discover new horizons, read on for a more in-depth primer on everything gyrocopter in St. Martin.

The gyrocopter certainly makes quite the impression at first glance, and not only because of its striking colour: this small, maneuverable aircraft is something like the platypus of the aviation world. Part plane, part helicopter, the gyrocopter is uniquely suited to sightseeing, able to remain aloft even at low speeds. Of course, that’s not to say the gyrocopter can’t move when it needs to: like the national bird of Saint Martin, the brown pelican, the gyrocopter is capable of graceful, rapid flight, reaching a maximum speed of 180 km/h. Exhilaration and quiet wonder are both on the menu when you tour the island on an M16 Tandem.

Seated behind the pilot, you’ll be equipped with a helmeted headset, allowing you to ask questions and learn more about the destination as you take it in from above. Fasten your seatbelt for takeoff and leave your worries on the ground: this state-of-the-art gyroplane is one of the safest ways to fly.

An Elevated Experience

With 20, 30, and 40-minute tours available, you’ll be able to choose the right trip for you – though it’s likely you’ll want to come back and fly them all eventually! Each tour offers a spectacular panoramic view of the island’s landscapes. Witness the vibrant colours of the rooftops of Orient Bay, the wild allure of Green Cay and Pinel Island, the scenic cove of Anse Marcel, and the golden sands of Tintamarre. Passengers often remark that when the gyrocopter flies slowly, you can even peer beneath the waves themselves. On sunny days, you’ll be able to spy across the water and take in nearby Anguilla and the iconic landmark of Creole rock. Each of the three routes spends plenty of time over the water, sharing the air with the myriad seabirds who nest along the picturesque coast.

Memories in the Sky

A gyrocopter flight is truly an unforgettable experience, but you won’t have to content yourself to simply remember it. SXM Gyrocopter permits you to film your journey, and will even extend the flight upon request to allow you to immortalize your experience through photography. As far as souvenirs go, you’ll leave St. Martin with photographs better than any postcard – and a story for the ages to tell your friends and family back home. SXM Gyrocopter offers an unparalleled adventure. While hiking can provide some incredible views of the island, there’s nothing quite like taking it all in from above. Soar across the island’s iconic landmarks, experience the thrill of the skies, and take the beauty of St. Martin home with you.