Local and international audiences will be able to experience Sydney Opera House like never before with the launch of a new range of tour experiences, announced today.

Photo credit Cybele Malinowski

A new Guided Digital Tour will give would-be travellers from around the world the chance to explore Australia’s most famous building from their living room. Hosted by one of the Opera House’s expert guides, the live online tour takes guests behind-the-scenes to discover one of the world’s busiest performing arts centres between the acts, waking up, in rehearsal and at rest.

For Sydneysiders and interstate travellers eager to discover their own backyard, the Opera House has launched its first ever Architectural Tour, revealing the story behind the creation of Utzon’s masterpiece. A new Beyond the Stage Tour also kicks off at the Opera House this month, giving visitors a rare opportunity to go behind-the scenes and into the domain of artists and staff, before relaxing by the harbour in true Sydneysider style, enjoying Australian-inspired cuisine at Opera Kitchen.

Each onsite Opera House tour features a new immersive experience, which takes place inside a purpose-built venue, fitted out with state-of-the-art technology, 270-degree visuals and surround sound, as well as heritage-inspired interiors. In this newly opened space, guests can watch unforgettable moments from past Concert Hall performances and learn about the renewal of the world-famous venue.

Sydney Opera House Director of Visitor Experience Jade McKellar said: “As we reopen the doors of the Opera House, it’s exciting to be able to offer new and refreshed tour experiences for both local and international audiences.

“For Sydneysiders, now is the perfect time to rediscover your city and to learn more about its most famous landmark. For our international visitors, we’ve tapped into new possibilities offered by digital technology to create an online experience like never before.

“Whether you are planning a visit to the Opera House in person or online, we can’t wait to welcome everyone back to be immersed in the history, architecture and artistic wonders of this magical place once again.”

  • Guided Digital Tour – In this 45-minute live experience hosted by an Opera House tour guide, visitors will be taken on an online journey beneath the sails. From the scenery dock to the stage of the Joan Sutherland Theatre as well as dressing rooms of prima ballerinas, lead sopranos and world-famous contemporary artists, the tour provides an intimate look at the Opera House’s backstage spaces in English and Mandarin. Guests will enjoy cameo appearances by performers from Bangarra Dance Theatre, The Australian Ballet and Opera Australia and have the opportunity to connect with their own personal tour guide, answering any questions on-screen and in real time. The English tour runs on Monday at 8.30am, 10am and 12pm AEDT and the Mandarin tour runs on Saturday at 1.30pm, 3pm and 5pm AEDT, and costs $18 per person. Book the English tour online here and the Mandarin tour online here.
  • Beyond the Stage – In this new 60-minute tour, guests can take a peek at what happens behind-the-scenes, hear about how this magnificent building comes to life and learn what goes into staging a performance. At the end of the tour, guests will enjoy brunch onsite at Opera Kitchen, savouring the sights of Sydney Harbour. The tour runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9.30am and costs $90 per person. Book online here.
  • Architectural Tour – For the first time ever, architecture enthusiasts can join a limited-edition guided experience that gives people an in-depth look at Danish architect Jørn Utzon and his most ambitious architectural project – the Sydney Opera House. It will explore his inspiration, working methods and materials used, which resulted in one of the world’s most famous and distinctive buildings. The tour runs on Friday and Saturday at 11.30am from 4 – 19 December and costs $42 per person. Book online here.
  • Tour and Dine – For the more adventurous foodie, why not accompany your one-hour guided tour with a relaxing lunch by the harbour, enjoying Australian-inspired cuisine at Opera Kitchen. The pre-selected menu means there’s no need to plan – simply relax and unwind without any reservations required. The tour runs Thursday to Monday at 10.30am, 12pm and 2pm and costs $80 per adult or $45 per child. Book online here.


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