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The Advantages of Learning a New Language Before Traveling Abroad

Image by Nana Lapushkina

Going for a trip abroad can be a truly exciting event. You need to pack your bags, take all the necessary documents, and enjoy it as much as possible. If you are planning on going to another country, it’s also worth learning a language that you will use on the spot. Lingomee.com presents you with a few advantages of learning a new language before you jump on a plane. 

Reducing Travel Anxiety

Traveling may cause anxiety, especially when you travel far away. Knowing at least the basics of the language that is used at your destination can help you to reduce stress connected to traveling. And the less you stress about getting around, the more you can enjoy your trip. 

Moving Around More Freely 

When you know the basics of the language, you can rely on other people if you get lost or don’t know where to go. You don’t have to hope that your GPS will always be working or follow a paper map to find directions. When you know how to ask for directions, recommendations, or even for help, you can move around more freely, visit more spots, and even discover some hidden gems that only locals know about. 

Saving Money 

Even as a beginner language user, you can try to negotiate the prices and save money on your trip. In many places out of the peak season, you can ask for a reduced price of a hostel room or lower the cost of the most popular tourist attractions (for example, gondola rides in Venice). 

But saving money is not only about getting a bargain. You might be able to get more information, for example about discounted prices of buses or trains for students or while buying a few rides at the same time. You can also explore local food markets and restaurants that are usually more genuine and cheaper than those on the beaten touristy paths. And you don’t have to worry you will get food you don’t want – because knowing the language allows you to read the menu. 

Meeting Local Friends 

Visiting cities, towns, and natural areas like a local can elevate your experience. If you know the language, you can communicate with people who live in a particular place. That gives you better chances of learning more about the local culture and discovering “secret” places. And who knows, maybe a person that you ask for directions on the street or meet in a bar will become your long-term friend.

Increasing Safety 

New environments can be thrilling, but in some situations you might not feel safe enough. If you don’t know the language, it can add to the confusion. If you understand what people are talking about, you can react quickly and stay safe, getting out of potentially threatening situations. Plus, in some cultures, loud speaking doesn’t mean an argument, and when you know that two people just discuss what they will have for lunch, you can become much calmer and peacefully enjoy your trip!