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The Aspiring Ophthalmologist’s Guide to Summer Travel

When it comes to specific requirements, necessary to maintain an overall good health level (in both physical and mental aspect), we might be asked to act in a way that is inconvenient or too demanding. More particularly, when we travel it is even harder to stick to the required routine and follow all tips given, as the circumstances differ, and we may not have the same ease or accessibility and also, we want to forget about everything and enjoy our time carefreely, without any warning and reminder in the back of our heads.

Our eyes, besides their importance due to the function part, are also very sensitive and need gentle treatment, especially during the summer period when the dominant circumstances favour infections. A professional’s advices, are our safety net, the shield that we needed to protect from threatening situations.

Seek the summer travel guide, from the aspiring ophthalmologist.

  1. Check-in, before checking-in

Flying abroad to enjoy the sunlight, stroll around the sandy shores and collect pebbles from the coasts, it would be considerate to firstly reassure your body is 100% capable of doing so, and there is not any issue awaiting around the corner.
Among your overall check-up don’t avoid getting an eye test or any other supplementary examination that the best eye surgeon in Southampton will indicate upon your visit.

  1. Get your hands off of your face

If avoiding touching has been on high priority before, during summer is 10 times more important! Why so? Well, there are several reasons that contribute to the risk being higher during summer period. In general, our hands get in direct contact with uncountable gems, capable of causing numerous infections and spreading contagions, therefore it is reasonable to not touch the most sensitive parts, as your face, and more specifically the mouth and eye area.

Travelling season equals to more crowd equals to higher amount of bacteria in combination with higher demands for achieving a good hygiene level (which as difficult, results in poorer hygiene) in addition to the increased chances of bacteria to expand, because of the favourable higher temperatures.

Always carry sanitizer if not pure-alcohol lotion and wash your hands at any chance.

  1. Mindful Packing

Your travel destination is for sure determinative for your packing process, from an aspect different to the suitable for the weather outfits. The amenities and the overall way of living differentiates the priority list of hygiene&cosmetics products. While in one case, not packing cleansing liquid for your contact lenses could be OK to save space and be some from your destination instead, in other ones this may not be possible, and you’d have to make not only your main bottle, but also 1-2 smaller spares, as also lens spare.

  1. As the water evaporates

With all this extra sweating our bodies go through because of the sunbathing and beach exploration, our hydration levels decrease much faster, causing symptoms as extreme fatigue and nausea, as also itchy and red eyes, before even acknowledging it. Remember to drink enough water, as your overall hydration level has an impact on your eyes’ hydration, in addition to carry artificial eye-drops to enhance the situation if needed.