Going on a road trip on a family SUV is an adventurous way to travel. It’s also the perfect way to enjoy the wonderful views that the country has to offer. But if you’re going to hit the road this way, you better pack the right things to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

There is nothing as unpleasant as having to deal with neck problems on hours on end during your road trip just because you forgot to carry your travel eucalyptus pillow.

Since we want you to enjoy your road trip to the fullest, we prepared a list of essentials that you can’t afford to miss when you decide to hit the road.

1.      Car Essentials

The car you’ll be using whether yours or not needs to be ready for the road trip if you don’t want to cut your trip short because of car trouble.

Some of the car essentials that you need to have with you include:

·         A driver’s license and registration – You can’t leave home without these two, and you should always ensure they are up to date

·         Car insurance– If your road trip is going to take you further than100 miles, you’ll need a copy of your insurance policy.

·         The car manual –This is necessary, especially if you’re using a rented car.

·         A spare car key – Your spare car key should be in a different keyring just in case the original gets lost or you get locked out of the car.

·         A spare tire–Riding on rough terrain can lead to a burst tire, which is why you need a spare tire and the tools to change it.

·         A roadside emergency kit -Road trips can take you in the middle of nowhere, and an emergency kit can literally save you. For instance, jumper cables can help get your car back to life when help isn’t forthcoming.

Must-Have Road Trip Essentials

You can’t do without these necessities during your road trip. So, make sure you pack them.

·         Paper maps– We know you can rely on Google maps, but what happens if you are at a location where there is no cell service? The paper maps will definitely save the day.

·         First aid kit – Ensure you have necessary supplies such as antiseptic, bandages, safety pins, Band-Aids in your first aid kit just in case you run into a medical emergency.

·         Flashlight – Have a reliable and durable flashlight. Ensure you carry extra batteries in case you need to recharge your flashlight.

·         Water bottle – A reusable water bottle is an absolute necessity. Always ensure you fill it up every chance you get. It would be best if you also carried a large water container with boiled water in case you’re travelling to a place where getting clean water is a problem.

·         Toiletries – Toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, body wipes, insect repellant, hairbrush, a mirror, and sunscreen are just examples of toiletries that you need to include in your list.

·         Pillows, sleeping bags, towels, and blankets – You’ll need these essentials for cozying up in the car or if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere at night

·         Extra cash – You’ll need money to pay for street parking or to buy a few groceries during your road trip. Have enough money with you and keep it safe in a secure wallet together with your identification documents.

·         Snacks – Snacks are the perfect travel food. Having some granola or energy bars to snack on will make everyone happy.

·         Portable charger – A small sized portable charger will act as a backup battery in case your phone goes off in the middle of nowhere.

·         A camera – Don’t forget to carry a camera as you need to make memories while on your road trip.

Now you have no excuse to keep on postponing that road trip that you’ve been planning for a while. This ultimate packing list will help ensure your trip is both comfortable and safe.


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